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The Illegal Journeys: Afghan Ali Akbari's Shocking & Uplifting Autobiography Reveals His Determination to Rises Above Massive Obstacles and Travel West to Make a Better L

Written with economy of style and gripping honesty by Ali Akbari, ‘The Illegal Journeys: From East to West’ graphically shows readers the privations of life in war-torn Afghanistan, which his family experienced when he was a child. His thirst for a better future compelled him towards a shocking journey working and starving on his way from the Middle East to North American with little money, and no visas, or passport, all the way to his current life in Canada, where he has taken an academic route, passing with honours, in his chosen career as a social worker. Akbari’s story captures the true resilience of the human spirit and proves that prospering from the ashes of war and discord is more than possible for those willing to fight for it.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2015 -- Ali Akbari doesn't try to sugarcoat it; his early life in Kabul was fraught with war, displacement and even direct shelling to his home by the Taliban. Whilst Akbari has now prospered during his new life in Canada, his journey to success is as unlikely as it is shocking, however, thousands of young people try to make these journeys even today, many of them die on their way.

'The Illegal Journeys: From East to West' exposes all; the author's sheer determination, his edge-of-the-seat travels across the world with no passport or money and a fascinating new life that directly contrasts his upbringing.

But, above all, readers will gain vital insight into a tumultuous Middle East few will ever come to know, through a perspective that will re-define eternal optimism and simple faith in a God.


As a child Ali was raised in Kabul which was often the target for attacks by various warring factions during the civil wars in Afghanistan. The city had been severely damaged by ten years of brutal Russian occupation, and he grew up knowing nothing but the devastation all around him. At the age of four he and his family survived a direct hit to the house in which they were sheltering, during shelling by the Taliban.

At the age of eleven he had to go to work in the market of Mazar-e-Sharif city to prevent his mother and himself from starving to death.

His early troubled experiences equipped him with the strength of character to launch himself into the world, alone at the age of thirteen. His first goal was to reach Tehran, the oil rich capital of Iran, which is the dream destination of all young men in the region, where he hoped he would become rich.

His adventures had just begun. A series of curious chances led to success and set back. But it is his eternal optimism, his faith in his God, his impetuous instincts and sheer determination that takes us on a remarkable roller-coaster ride across half the world, and that is without passport, visa or money.

Some of the descriptions of events are shocking, but never sensationalized. Overall the book conveys his feelings of wonder, sadness, love, and youthful fun.

"My upbringing, while unbelievable to those in the west, was something of the norm for young Afghanis at the time," explains Akbari. "But my instincts told me I needed more, that I had to get out and do whatever it would take to find a better life. In my case it meant travelling half way around the world and facing many demons and challenges, miraculously, I made it, and life is better than ever."

This book tells an adventurous story which proves just how resilient the human spirit really is. It's a graphic encounter with a young life you won't want to miss.

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. For example, Luanne Rayvals comments, "This was a compelling book that kept me up late at night wanting to find out what happened next. Ali Akbari has an authenticity to his writing that gives you insight into how life is in war torn Afghanistan and the lives of people from that region. The author is brave, practical, daring and has a great sense of humour. I was inspired."

'The Illegal Journey: From East to West', from Xlibris, is available now:
http://www.amazon.ca/The-Illegal-Journeys-From-East/dp/1462896642 or http://bit.ly/1yHHfDS

About Ali Akbari
Ali Akbari was born in the war torn city of Kabul in Afghanistan. At the age of 13 he ran away alone. His ambition was to go to the United Kingdom to gain some kind of education in order to get on in the world. Later he travelled to Canada and he is now living in Toronto. He loves writing. The Illegal Journey is his first novel. It is a semi auto-biography. He speaks four Middle-Eastern languages fluently and has established a business, exporting cars from the West to the East.