Retorno Jewish Rehab Opens Registration to the General Public for Continuing Education Programs


Givat Shemesh, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2015 -- A review of Retorno's ongoing education courses reveals that in less than one year, participants are able to receive a certified degree in their field of choice. All courses are in conjunction with Israel's finest academies with top instructors.

-Retorno's Western Horseback Riding Instructors' Course (200 hours) is certified by the Israel Sport Authority.

-Retorno's Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructors' Course (360 hours) is certified by the Wingate Institute.

-Retorno's Animal Assisted Therapy Facilitator Course (140 hours) is certified by David Yellin College.

-Retorno's Life Coaching Course (180 hours) is certified by the Alon Center for Coaching and NLP.

Those wishing to take the horseback riding instructors' course or the therapeutic riding instructors' course who lack prior horseback riding experience, a horseback riding course (60 hours) is also available. The horseback riding course can also be taken on its own, without advancing to the instructors' courses.

About Retorno
Retorno is the world's largest Jewish drug and alcohol rehab center in the world. Based on the 12 step program, Retorno hosts over 100 clients in their inpatient division, with an English speaking program for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and gambling addiction. Retorno's outpatient division, Mifgashim, also helps over 100 clients recover from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and gambling addiction, as well as sex addiction, codependency, computer addiction, shopping addiction, and more.

Retorno utilizes a community approach. Besides treatment for substance abuse and addiction, Retorno hosts over 25,000 individuals every year in their addiction prevention programs. Soldiers suffering from PTSD, children who've been traumatized by war, and anyone who has faced challenges in life gain knowledge of themselves and practical tools to deal with stress.

Retorno's 25 years in treating addiction throughout the community have shown that a variety of techniques are necessary in treating addiction. Horseback riding therapy and animal assisted therapy have proven to be valuable tools in addiction treatment. It is for this reason that these ongoing education courses are being made available to the public.

For more information about Retorno's continuing education classes, please call +972-2-999-8244.

For information about Retorno's prevention programs or addiction treatment, please contact 718-210-9755 or visit