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iMotions Launches Attention Tool 5.4 – The World Leading Biometric Research Platform


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2015 -- iMotions recent software launch – Attention Tool 5.4 – comes with a full suite of additional best in class hardware integrations and features, enabling researchers to further elevate their research in a variety of disciplines. This release places iMotions at the forefront of automated human behavior research!

Wireless integration with ASL eye tracking glasses in combination with EEG is now a reality allowing realtime feedback from in-store and real life environmental research.

New plug and play integrations include the VT3 and VT3 mini eye trackers from EyeTech – their newest 60 hz eye trackers which comes at a very competitive price point.

Additional plug and play integration to the high speed EyeLink 1000 eye tracker from SR Research and support for high precision synchronisation between the Tobii TX300 eye tracker and stimuli presentation via the Stimtracker.

New integrations to ECG (Electrocardiography) and EMG (Electromyography) signals is now possible with the Shimmer ExG device, allowing researchers to take multi modal research to the next level.

The release also features a lot of new improvements designed for optimizing research planning, execution and analysis. This include improvements to the Facial Expression Analysis Software by Emotient, which allows for twice as fast post processing together with live visualization of action units and evidence scores. An enhanced API with dynamic respondent creation, improved sensor segmentation and many more features has been packed into this huge release.

"Our beta clients of this release has been hugely excited about this new launch, which enables them to work more efficiently with biometric studies than ever before allowing more time to innovate and build new revolutionizing metrics and solutions. This release clearly proves that iMotions listens to customers needs, and proves that we are clearly the leading biometric research platform in the world". says Peter Hartzbech, Founder & CEO, iMotions A/S.

About iMotions A/S
iMotions is a high tech software development company originally founded in 2005, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with USA office at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. iMotions develops Attention Tool®, which is the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable biometric research platform in the market. It helps researchers to conduct state-of-the-art human behavior research in the areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Factors Engineering, Education, Health, Business and Human Computer Interaction. The Attention Tool software integrates best-in-class biosensors and synchronizes eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG and Surveys in one unified software platform. The platform which is targeted at Market, Academic, Usability and Gaming research is used worldwide by leading universities such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford as well as corporations such as P&G, S&P and Nestle.

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