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Skopje, Macedonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2015 -- In the US alone, thousands of couples have a hard time getting pregnant every single year and this is why the website ParentsTomorrow was created. The aim of the site is to provide people with the information they need on how they can get pregnant after trying for a long time to conceive.

According to the Fertility Centers of New England, 1 in 6 couples have pregnancy difficulties and in the US, there are about 15 million men and women with infertility problems.

There is also a fertility decline in men after they reach 50, and for women, it starts becoming evident as they reach their 30s.

ParentsTomorrow has a mission of helping couples conceive and/or have a child through highly successful methods like artificial insemination and surrogacy.

This website contains plenty of useful information about these options and the info provided here is truly going to be very useful to couples who want to have a child.

The site reveals the cost of surrogacy as well as the laws that pertain to it. It also gives information on where couples who want to consider this option can find a surrogate mother.

ParentsTomorrow also has extensive information about artificial insemination including the different methods used for this option, the costs, and the process involved.

Other information that can be obtained from ParentsTomorrow includes adoption and in vitro fertilization.

Hundreds of couples have benefitted from ParentsTomorrow and now they have what they always dreamed of: a family. For those who have difficulty conceiving, then this is the best site to go to for help and information.

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