CCLogic Offers Cyprus Company Formation Services at Affordable Rates


Nicosia, Cyprus -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2015 -- Incorporating a company in Europe can be difficult and expensive, and this is why CCLogic has launched a service that will enable businesses to register their company easily and with the least cost possible.

Cyprus company formation offers several advantages. First of all, the country has a unique tax system and has most of the benefits of a tax haven country. Secondly, it is an EU member since 2004 which ensures that it benefits from EU regulations, treaties and directives. It is also part of the white list of all the countries in the world and is getting advantageous treatment from countries like the US. Lastly, businesses incorporated in Cyprus benefit from flexibility in terms of their capital and how they run their company.

For all these reasons, more and more companies are considering incorporating a company in Cyprus. The same is true for Seychelles and this is why many businesses have decided on registering a company there. But therein lies the problem: Seychelles company formation can be quite complicated.

This is why CCLogic, a well-established and recognized provider of offshore company formation services, has become highly in-demand. They are able to create a business solution that fits business owners' niche and needs perfectly.

They offer several packages that suit every need, requirements and budget and their extensive experience in registering companies in Europe and other countries has helped them serve hundreds of clients successfully.

CCLogic specializes in offshore and merchant services, and they work with banks, payment providers and e-commerce services and help companies find the most suitable business solutions.

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CCLogic helps companies register and incorporate their business in Cyprus, Seychelles, BVI, Belize and Hong Kong.

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