Flow Dynamics

Patented Water Saving Valves to Combat Increasing Water Bills

For residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities looking to reduce escalating water bills and efficient water valves that create sustainable environments, the Flow Dynamics water valves are the right choice.


Summit, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2015 -- As one of the leading manufacturers and distributors, Flow Dynamics with their partner TeraValve have been able to build quite a reputation for their patented valves that are sold throughout the world to residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

According to TeraValve President, Paul Pape at Flow Dynamics Manufacturing, "Our patented water valve reduces water and sewer bills by over 10% in most applications. With our repeated success over the last 5 years of installs through our distribution, our products have attained global success."

Flow Dynamics water valve acquired its patent rights in 2014. With their partner TeraValve they have a distribution network that has exhibited exponential growth month on month, the company has been able to leverage its reputation to build a distribution as well as customer base that works.

A major contributor to the growth of Flow Dynamics manufacturers and TeraValve distributors are their innovative approach to maintaining industry leadership. With innovative products such as automatic control valves and backflow preventers, the company has been able to tap into a niche market that is conscious about conserving water consumption and optimizing hardware investments for commercial viability in the long run.

With a team of experts in Flow Dynamics Teravalves and other products, their technical know-how in this business has been able to efficiently trickle down to the smallest of distributors sitting in the remotest corner of the world. This approach helps the business to ensure high standards of delivery and also make sure that the right product is recommended for the right need in an industrial, commercial or residential setting.

With a commitment to facilitate excellent service and prompt delivery, the conscientious approach taken on by every team member and distributor at the Flow Dynamics and Teravalve organization helps maintain high standards in product delivery.

The products designed into an intelligent water conservation system by Teravalve and manufactured by its partner Flow Dynamics are extremely simple and yet so effective in managing a number of issues that plants, factories, office buildings and residential complexes face in water delivery.

In the age of drastic escalation of water costs, the need to conserve this valuable resource and create a sustainable work and living environment, the products offered by TeraValve to their distribution network are instrumental in combatting the rising water and sewer rates.

About Flow Dynamics
Flow Dynamics is a water valve manufacturing and distribution company that has partnered with TeraValve to form an even stronger team. Flow Dynamics and TeraValve have worked on an intelligent design and developed software to offer a unique water conservation system. To know more, visit http://www.flowdynamicswatervalve.com/

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