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Consumer Action Law Group Is Helping Employees to Sue Employers for Wrongful Termination


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2015 -- Terminating an employee from work for illegal reasons is grounds for the employee to sue the employer. Consumer Action Law Group fights for employees who have been wrongfully terminated from their employment. The law firm also guides employees on the legal measures that they can resort to once they have been unjustly dismissed from their service. There are state and federal laws that protect employees from termination due to breach of contract, discrimination, legal retaliation, whistleblowing or reporting violations of public policies by the employer. With the help of CALGroup wrongful termination attorney, employees may take the legal course against their employers.

Most US employees are classified "at-will", making them vulnerable to being fired any time by their employer, for any legal reason. However, there are still federal and state laws that protect employees from being unjustly terminated. A wrongful termination lawyer from Consumer Action Law Group can help employees in recovering losses suffered from illegal termination and pursuing legal actions again their former employers. The company is particularly effective in cases where there is a breach of written, oral, or implied contract between the employee and the employer.

Consumer Law Action Group also has employment lawyers who look for cases where employer discrimination leads to employee termination. A common example is discrimination based on gender as the grounds of their termination [such as laying off a woman who requests maternity leave]. Other examples include discrimination based on sexual preference, religion, race, color as well as age. The firm also helps employees who believe they had been terminated for genetic information discrimination.

The wrongful termination attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group also help employees who have been terminated for highlighting certain negative practices in the company. Attorney Lauren Rode from Consumer Action Law Group helps wrongfully terminated employees every day: "We are working hard to make sure that employees who have been unjustly removed from their services get compensated through legal action." – Lauren Rode, Es q.

Further information about suing employer for wrongful termination services offered by the law firm can be found at or call the firm directly, (818) 254-8413.

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Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm located in Los Angeles, California that is dedicated to employee support for legal rights. The firm offers legal counsel and guidance on unjust employee termination. The law firm also represents consumers who want to sue mortgage lenders, sue auto dealerships, sue product manufacturers, stop foreclosure, recover surplus fund after foreclosure, and file bankruptcy.

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