Hate Glitter Bomb

Launching the Exciting New Glitter Bomb Website hateglitterbomb.co.uk for Any Kind of Glittery Surprise

This is to announce the recent launch of a hilarious and somewhat ingenious website, which sells Glitter Bombs for a very affordable price of $ 9.99 only. Soon after its release the website has stirred up a storm all around UK and is receiving orders from all over the world. They also add a note with their Glitter Bomb deliveries on request and one can avail for this very unusual and uproarious prank from their newly launched website http://www.hateglitterbomb.co.uk. This nifty little idea is perfect for pulling all sorts of pranks on ones friends and colleagues as a message of love, hate or just to say happy birthday or congratulations.


East Sussex, Eastbourne -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2015 -- Introducing the ingenious website that sells Glitter Bombs to be delivered to a friend or an enemy as an extremely funny practical joke which is very aptly named, http://www.hateglitterbomb.co.uk. This new website is the biggest craze currently in the UK as more and more people are ordering Glitter Bombs to be sent as an innocent mail to their relatives, friends, colleagues or enemies to drain them in glitter that spreads everywhere when they open the mail.

The old website ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com, of the company that was recently auctioned for $85,000. When asked about his comments on the success of this delicious new idea of a practical joke, the founder of the site, Mathew Carpenter said, "Glitter Bombing is the new craze that appears to be sweeping the World. This stuff gets everywhere. We have correspondence from clients saying they are still finding the glitter 3 weeks after receiving the letter".

To further explain how the Glitter Bomb works, it is very simple and only requires a modest fee. Firstly, one needs to decide if they have anyone they want to pull this hilarious prank on and then just simply place the order at their above mentioned website. It takes only a modest fee of $ 9.99 and needs you to provide the right shipping address. Once that is taken care of the people at, Hate Glitter Bomb mails a letter with a note inside and a large amount of glitter to the very same address. And voila, the unsuspecting person at the other when receives this very mail and opens the envelope, gets covered with glitter that disperses everywhere and lasts for up to several weeks. What could be a better idea for a riotous practical joke as revenge?

Also noteworthy to mention is the fact that one can avoid being their name mentioned on the note so that the recipient does not find out the person behind this nasty little prank if they want. This Glitter Bomb can be perfect prank for a dear friend's birthday or to be sent to an enemy or a co-worker or your boss for great fun and giggles all around.

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