Top Emergency Chair Manufacturer Evacuscape Overhauls Website

Successful project will help more people learn about company's impressive evacuation products, giving more people with reduced mobility better chances to escape fires, Evacuscape reports


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2015 -- Evacuscape, a leading manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality emergency chairs, announced the completion of an update and overhaul of the company's website. The newly revised website makes it even easier for visitors to learn about the company's industry-leading safety products, thanks to improved navigation and refreshed content throughout. Evacuscape's innovative, high-quality evacuation chairs are a low-cost, highly effective way of helping people with reduced mobility escape burning buildings by using stairs, requiring the assistance of only one other person.

"As we continue to grow and word of our attractive products spreads further," Evacuscape representative Stephen Szames said, "we regularly look for new ways to better serve our customers. Our recent revamping of our website is one of these, as it has proven to be an important outlet for educating people about what we have to offer."

A range of legislation in both the United States and Canada attempts to protect and accommodate disabled persons and those with reduced mobility. While these efforts can help to improve the everyday lives of many such individuals, the situation when emergency strikes is often less rosy. A frequently cited study by the United States Fire Association, for example, found that people with limited mobility fare very poorly compared to the populace at large when fires flare up, accounting for a grossly outsized share of fatalities and serious injuries.

Evacuscape's high-quality, affordable chairs are designed to give people with limited mobility avenues of escape when these problems arise and elevators or lifts become unavailable or unsafe. Folding to compact sizes that allow for easy, out-of-the-way storage during good times, the chairs snap open quickly to accommodate people with limited mobility.

Designed specifically to traverse fire escapes and other sets of stairs with the help of only a single other person, an Evacuscape chair can allow a person with reduced mobility to escape a fire just as quickly and safely as any other. That can make an enormous difference when it comes to preventing injury or worse, a fact that has made the company's products extremely popular with employers, building managers, and others who seek to accommodate those with such needs.

Another factor that makes Evacuscape chairs so attractive is that they combine low pricing with best-in-class feature sets. Competing in terms of price point with the least expensive alternatives on the market, Evacuscape chairs also boast features, like wheel locking brakes and included dust covers, that even the costliest are often unable to match.

The just-updated Evacuscape details these facts and many more, giving visitors a full look at the company's innovative, impressive products. It also delves into the legal issues in both Canada and the United States that might make Evacuscape products especially appropriate choices for particular applications.

About Evacuscape
Providing top-quality, highly affordable evacuation assistance chairs that help people with reduced mobility escape fires and other emergencies, Evacuscape is a leader in the industry, with a consistent record of productive innovation and rock-solid reliability.