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Tampa DUI Lawyer Upgrades Proven, Powerful Online Attorney-Referral Tool

Improved referral system will make it faster and easier for visitors to find the skilled lawyers who can best represent their interests, Tampa DUI Lawyer reports


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2015 -- Tampa DUI Lawyer, a top online destination for those facing driving under the influence charges in the state, announced the availability of an upgraded attorney matching service. Building on the industry-leading, highly regarded attorney referral tool that Tampa DUI Lawyer has offered to visitors since launching, the new system will provide even quicker and more useful matches. Because penalties for Driving under-the-influence in Florida are so stiff and significant, even for first-time offenders, it is of the utmost importance that those facing charges seek legal counsel, and Tampa DUI Lawyer's newly upgraded tool is one of the simplest and most effective ways of finding an expert lawyer.

"More than 50,000 DUI citations are issued in the state of Florida annually," Tampa DUI Lawyer representative James Lawson reported, "with over 2,000 in the average year in Hillsborough County alone. Florida's implied consent DUI testing laws and stiff penalties mean that even first-time offenders can easily lose their driving privileges, a problem that can snowball into highly negative long-term consequences. If you are arrested get help now. Our newly upgraded attorney referral tool will make this easier than ever and give you a fighting chance."

Those facing DUI charges in Florida can expect fines ranging from $500 on up, if convicted, with court fees, community service obligations, and other add-ons inflating the real costs further. Serial offenders may be fined thousands of dollars, and jail sentences are mandated by state law for those who fall afoul of the laws in this way a fourth time.

Some who find themselves facing such charges either attempt to fight them on their own or wait too long to retain counsel, diminishing their chances of a successful outcome as they delay. Drinking and driving defense lawyers are invariably far better positioned than clients acting pro bono to discover faults and weaknesses in the government's case, and these issues can easily mean the difference between fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail time, on the one hand, and an acquittal, on the other. With more than 30% of those who are arrested in the state every year ultimately escaping conviction of DUI charges, this is clearly a battle worth fighting.

Since the site's founding, Tampa DUI Lawyer has helped countless site visitors acquire the legal representation that will give them the best chance of beating their own DUI charges. The site offers a broad selection of well-researched articles that go into the details surrounding DUI in Florida, and in Hillsborough county in particular, helping drivers understand what their responsibilities are and the penalties they may face if arrested. A simple, powerful attorney matching tool on the site also makes it as easy as possible for site visitors to get in touch with skilled Tampa DUI lawyers who are ready to take on their cases.

That service has now been upgraded, offering even faster and more convenient access to the legal representation that site visitors so often benefit from. With the stakes being so high, the operators of Tampa DUI Lawyer hope that even more of those who use the site will benefit from the newly upgraded service in the future.

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