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Life Is Your Song: After Dying, Coming Back to Life & Quashing Disability, Singer's Bold New Book Helps Readers Reclaim Their Own Lives

‘Life is Your Song: Discover Your Voice!’ tells the remarkable story of Tonya Ware, who quite lit-erally shouldn’t still be alive. After coming back from the dead and triumphing over more than six long years as a virtual shut-in, Ware is now dedicating her life to helping others find the hope they need to restore their lives. Her compelling new self-help book fuses her own victorious story with a proven blueprint that anyone can use to discover who they really are and construct the life of their dreams.


Madison, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- In a matter of seconds, Tonya Ware went from being a multi-million-dollar executive and singing starlet to dead in her master bathroom. Even more shockingly, she came back to life against all odds and fought through debilitating physical handicaps to reclaim her life.

These unfortunate experiences afforded Ware the unlikely gifts of knowing what true restoration is. Weaving all she learned around her compelling story of literal life and death, Ware has penned a book that can help anyone find their place in life and pursue it to abundant success.

'Life is Your Song: Discover Your Voice!' transcends the typical self-help book to provide insights only Ware can share.


In December 2006, Tonya Ware woke up early to prepare for work and suddenly died in her mas-ter bathroom. After being miraculously revived, she begin a series of tests, exams, and doctor ap-pointments that declared her totally disabled. Tonya went from being a mega-million dollar corpo-rate executive, who had just recorded a debut album — "Tonya Ware: The Voice" — to life as a virtual shut-in for more than six long years. In "Life Is Your Song: Discover Your Voice," life-changing insight is given that has helped countless people reclaim their lives and find their true identity!

In this powerful book, Tonya Ware shares easy to follow tips on how to:

REBOOT your life and start fresh.

CREATE the life you really desire.

ACTIVATE the power of being observant.

CLOSE the door on the past and MORE.

Tonya has been featured by BET, Fox Networks, GMC, TBN, and the Associated Press. A Stellar Award Nominee, Tonya's story, music, and voice are impacting lives around the world.

"We all go through devastating circumstances, but only a few people discover how to actually re-store their lives and find happiness and success once again," explains the author. "I too had to learn this the hard way but, having cracked the code, it is my passion to share my restorative secrets with humanity."

'Life is Your Song: Discover Your Voice!' from The Success House Press, is available now: http://www.amazon.com/Life-Your-Song-Discover-Voice/dp/0692282599

For more information, visit the author's official website: http://www.tonyaware.com

About Tonya Hairston Ware
Tonya Hairston Ware, a native of Key West, Florida, was born to parents who traveled throughout the United States pioneering and planting churches. After graduating from high school with hon-ors, she enrolled and graduated from Mississippi State University.

For more than twelve (12) years, Tonya served as a Benefits and Retirement Planner for a Fortune 500 Company. Her success gained her the "Top 40 Under 40" Business Professional title.

In 2006, Tonya released her debut album - "Tonya Ware:The Voice". Her music success includes a Stellar Award Nomination, two Jackie Awards, Berklee School of Music scholarship winner, Bill-board New Song Contest Honoree and more. She is the founder of the "Winning in Life" growth groups. Tonya and her husband are the proud parents of two daughters.