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Changing the Face of Our Nation: U.S. Societal Advocate's New Book Urges "Facelift" for Broken America, and It All Starts with Raising Children

After a lifetime’s close relationship with the Lord, Martha Gladwell has become acutely aware of just how urgently the nation requires a ground-up facelift. Confident that it starts with raising children properly, Gladwell has released ‘Changing the Face of Our Nation’ to not only highlight the problems plaguing America, but provide a bold blueprint for fixing them. With its grounding in God, His miraculous work and the responsibilities of each and every citizen, this could just be the panacea 320 million people have been waiting for…


Williston, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- There's no way to sugarcoat it; Americans are lacking in the social skills needed to be productive in this world. Lack of respect for our elders, authorities and each other, controlling our tempers and tongues, proper manners, morals, integrity, realizing there are consequences for our own actions and that we all have a reason and gift for being on this earth are just to name a few.

Martha Gladwell has witnessed this unfortunate and bold change first hand, taking solace in her close relationship with God and the life-changing guidance He has given her. Gladwell believes that the nation requires a dramatic facelift, something that starts with raising up a standard for this generation of children. Adults and young alike can gleam something from these pages.

In 'Changing the Face of Our Nation', Gladwell provides a shocking exposé' of downtrodden modern society and provides a plausible plan for making American great once again.


What does the Face of Our Nation look like? How do we see ourselves? How do other nations see us? I believe it's time for a Change and Facelift for our Nation. If we read the headlines and listen to the news it will reveal the violence and turmoil happening all over America and the world. The Lord has been speaking to me for a long time about this subject. Even before the 9/11 terrorist attack He was telling me to write a book on raising children. Who am I? Could I write a book?

There is a scripture that comes to my mind for this fear! I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME (Philippians 4:13). God knows our hearts better than we know ourselves. However, he is always on time. Maybe this is the exact time he wanted me to carry this subject to the people.

This book was birthed out of a dream and directive from whom the author believes was God. Her question: "How can we fix our country?" God's answer: "Through our children!" The title to the book CHANGING THE FACE OF OUR NATION came in a dream.

"Almost every American lacks vital social skills," admits the author. "But if we put God's plan in place, it would provide abundant opportunities that would consume homes, schools, workplaces and churches to make life more prosperous than we could ever imagine. Think about what would happen if all children went into school tomorrow and showed 100% kindness and courtesy toward their teachers – the staff would probably collapse!"

Continuing, "Our current lack of direction makes us weary and scattered. Millions have nobody teaching them how to live, and we need to sympathize. Adults, teachers and community leaders have a responsibility to teach these people; my book and its bold message from the Lord is the perfect starting block."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, Barb comments, "Having known this author personally for over 20 years, it comes to me as no surprise that this book is an inspired work, full of wisdom and sound advice. If you long for the way this country was when you were growing up in the good ole days, you will appreciate the plan needed to change the direction of our nation."

'Changing the Face of Our Nation', from Xulon Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/15Q66uz

About Martha Gladwell
MARTHA GLADWELL has been a wife and mother for nearly thirty four years. She has been involved in church and music ministry for twenty five years in her hometown of Williston, Florida. Her heart's desire is to share the love of Jesus to all she comes in contact with. To be all that she can be as a believer, wife and mother.

Martha and her husband, Jimmy, are the parents of three grown children Jim, Raymond, and Nellie.