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Green City Now Offering Skin Conditioning Services for Dry, Winter Skin


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2015 -- During the winter months, the humidity drops and the air becomes significantly drier. Combine the dry air with steady winds and it can wreak havoc by drying out exposed skin. Helping individuals maintain a healthy and balanced complexion, Green City is now offering skin condition services to offset any harm from the dry winter air.

For the healthiest skin, the company puts a special emphasis on proper exfoliation and hydration. Whether at the salon for their Sugaring Hair Removal or Skin Conditioning services, these two components play a key role. Green City offers three main conditioning services, which include the Sugar Facial, Sugar Body, and Sugar Back. The Sugar Facial will maintain a healthy and youthful complexion by removing any dead skin, dirt, and debris. Using an all-natural, ultra-nourishing sugar scrub, they leave the skin noticeably softer and smoother.

Another affordable skin care option from the Philadelphia salon is their Sugar Body treatment. Similar to the Sugar Facial, it naturally hydrates and exfoliates the entire body. It is the perfect option for someone in need of a little more rest and relaxation than is provided through the facial. Their Sugar Back service targets key areas to not only condition the skin, but also relieve tension. Along with providing the skin with a powerful and organic dose of the nutrients that it needs, the service includes a mini back massage on the most stressed muscles. The Sugar Back treatment is a particular favorite among male clients.

Any of their conditioning services can be upgraded to provide the best results for any skin type. Among their Enhancing Masks, they offer specialty herbal and raw honey options. They also offer an herbal eye zone treatment that will treat dark circles and puffy eyes. The service uses a six-point massage and tea-soaked compresses that relax the mind and encourages lymphatic drainage. For clients with targeted needs, Green City can create a custom treatment plan to address any issues.

When looking for all-natural skin conditioning or hair removal in Philadelphia, visit the only Sugaring salon in the city. Those interested in Green City's exfoliating and hydrating services can make an appointment by calling 267-209-3096 or visiting their website today.

About Green City
Green City was created to bring the ancient technique of Sugaring and healthy skin to the Greater Philadelphia area. The Sugaring specialists at Green City have been trained by renowned Sugaring experts in Southern California and have spent hours perfecting their craft. The company focuses on providing all-natural alternatives for hair removal and skin conditioning, but also serves as the perfect combination of professional and natural skin care options for the conscious consumer. Their techniques work to maintain the skin from the inside out. All of the products used and sold at the location have been thoroughly researched to offer only the best professional and natural skin care options.

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