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Biocera on the Need of Drinking Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Water is life. However, tap water is actually polluted. Almost everyone use some or other kind of filtration system. Biocera products are nanotechnology activated for general consumer use. Ionized alkaline water has been scientifically proved to be very beneficial.


Gyeonggi-do, South Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2015 -- The word 'nanotechnology' feels advanced even in this world of highly evolved technological marvels. The usual perception is that it is something applicable solely to the world of high science. Korean service Biocera is all set to change this illusion. Their nanotechnology based products are made for general consumer benefits.

The alkaline water filter works on the patented bio-ceramic ball technology. In fact, these minuscule activated nano-material ceramic spheres are the world's first and only certified NSF 42 products. The ionized alkaline water delivered through this path-breaking filtration system entails several benefits, as this correspondent found out.

"The filters contain bio-ceramic balls. They are automatically activated by far infrared rays of the invisible spectrum. Once activated, the balls begin to release a constant frequency calibrated to a precise value. This invisible filtration action purifies water down to its microscopic electronic levels. In addition, the filters have been designed to deliver a rich supply of healthy mineral ions in the ionized alkaline water. We have five model variations suited for both commercial and residential use." The company staff was very helpful in briefing about the process.

The alkaline antioxidant water is free from the harmful effects of unstable free radicals running amok in your blood. Using this filter for a long time entails wonderful anti aging benefits among other things. As it restores the pH balance of drinking water to alkaline from acidic, the internal environment of the body also becomes calmer and stronger against the risk of cancer. The alkaline antioxidant water is rich in minerals such as Ca, Na, K, and Mg. Water filtered in this system actually is tastier because of the effect of these minerals.

Korean Biotech service offers fantastic nanotechnology based solutions for general consumers. Their antioxidant alkaline water filters delivers ionized alkaline water based on nanotechnology. The inventory also includes many other amazing innovative products like the ceramic washing ball and the therapy shower head.

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