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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2015 -- Fashion business has an extreme amount of competition and to survive such fierce competition a well-planned marketing strategy is mandatory. No such fashion brand can grow or earn profits without an exclusive growth strategy. This is especially true for the new and upcoming fashion brands. A novel article when sets foot in the fashion world, he/she is aware of art and creating illustrations, designs and maybe even branding the label. However, marketing the brand is an altogether a different game that specializes in.

An established brand knows its market, competition and has an idea about its survival and growth. However, the fashion brands that start a fresh are not known to the market. Neither the end customers, nor the investors know such brands. Moreover, before making any strategic investments, the investors need to be sure of the potential of the fashion designer. Traffic Inc. offers services that transform these new labels into fashion brands.

After having worked for brands like vogue and cosmopolitan, Traffic Inc. can safely say that all the new designers have someone who is guiding them far before they can make it to the runway. Most likely, they will believe the recommendation from the industry experts. The fashion industry is all about public relationships.

Only a handful of marketing consulting firms can get such glowing recommendations for a new brand. There needs to be a logical and practical business plan as well.

Practically, a new brand has a too much to focus on. For marketing strategy, consulting firms have years of expertise, knowledge and the right strategies and the right contacts.

The role of the marketing consulting firms in establishing the fashion brand is to work at multiple levels.

First, with all the pressure of marketing the brand off their shoulders, the fashion designers simply can focus on what they are best at. Traffic Inc. takes off that pressure so that designers can focus on creating novelty.

To establish the fashion brands the basic marketing strategy, consulting firms adopt is to make it visible. We position it to be visible in the right kind of stores who would otherwise not listen to novel designers. From paring the right model for designing and running the advertising campaigns, marking distinct impact at the trade shows to being recognized as a well-known fashion line we devise the whole story. Exposure and promotion require investment and brings in business for the new brands.

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