Pure Stretch

Free Pure Stretch Class Will Help People Into Comfort Zone


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- STEVENAGE – Personal trainer Andy Prior believes in the value of stretching. He really believes in it. In fact, he can't think of one instance where stretching isn't a good idea and that's why he's so enthusiastic about his Pure Stretch class.

Andy says stretching offers benefits to people who are just starting to exercise, people who can't exercise, people who exercise every day, runners, dancers, people who sit a lot, people who stand a lot – well, people get the picture.

"Movement is life and all too often we don't move enough," says Andy. "My Pure Stretch class is designed to improve flexibility and get people moving in a gentle way, so it's suitable for those who are returning to exercise or those that want to improve their range of motion. But stretching also helps serious athletes improve performance. Stretching is a good idea in general."

Pure Stretch is offered free as part of the Stevenage SoActive project, funded by a grant from Sport England. The 45-minute class is offered at 10:30 am on Fridays at Marriotts Sports Active, Telford Avenue, Stevenage.

"The benefits of stretching come when people stretch properly and often," says Andy. "Pure Stretch is free and I make sure it's fun so all you have to do is bring a towel and some water and be ready to learn how anybody can improve overall fitness through stretching."

About Andy
His specialist subject is weight loss and fat loss. And he is passionate about and wants to help the maximum amount of people possible, obesity can be avoided with the right information.

More information about Pure Stretch can be found onAndy Prior's website(http://www.andyprior-pt.co.uk/exercise-classes-in-stevenage/pure-stretch-stevenage/#sthash.ZUvYVKkw.dpuf)or by contacting him via phone (07796 167670) or email(andy@andyprior-pt.co.uk).

Contact: Andy Prior, 07796 167670, andy@andyprior-pt.co.uk