Liztek PSS-60

Liztek Pss-60 Announced

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that can be music to users’ ears


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2015 -- Liztek PSS-60 is a Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that promises to offer users top quality sound wherever they might be.

Music is an important element of people's lives and there are many who like to listen to their favorite tracks when they are out and about. Or it could be that they are having a party and want to set the ambience for it with the help of music that fits the bill. But of course what's needed is a top quality speaker that is not only convenient for use but doesn't compromise on the sound quality as well.

Bluetooth Speakers definitely score well on the convenience quotient, which is why they have become quite popular today. But what about the quality of sound that users seek? Liztek PSS-60 asserts that it is a speaker that will make sure the music one plays will be the life of the party so to speak. What's more, the premium and deep quality sound it delivers comes from a compact size package that is easily portable.

This particular speaker is boosted by Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which is responsible for the convenience and the sound quality too. It's versatile and can be connected to iPad, any Smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled devices. What's astonishing is that it gives out high definition sound even when the device is 33 feet away. Moreover users can expect 8 hours of continuous playtime, which means the party never really stops.

For devices that are not Bluetooth enabled there is the option of simply plugging the speaker in to the standard headphone jack. This Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker gives audible commands about what Mode it is in to make things simpler for users. For those who want to have maximum sound there is the option of turning on the phone and speaker both. There are endless options that one gets with this speaker.

It is packed with 6 watts power and large speaker cavity to make it ideal for any room in the house. From the living room to kitchen, patio, RVs and boats; this portable speaker has several applications for users. The rechargeable battery fully charges via USB in a matter of three hours and hands free phone and conference calls thanks to the built-in microphone are an added advantage.

About Liztek PSS-60
It is a Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that is not only convenient for use indoors and outdoors but promises high quality sound too.

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