Tutt Street Optometry

Tutt Street Optometry Announces Addition of New Nidek 4-in-1

New Device Makes Having Multiple Eye Scans Faster, More Convenient


Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- Tutt Street Optometry, one of the top optometric practices in British Columbia, and one with a reputation for cutting edge innovation, proudly introduced to the public today the latest technological addition to their eyecare practice, the new Nidek 4-in-1 optical scanning device.

This innovative machine is the most advanced optical scanning device in the eyecare world today in terms of accurate, convenient optometric scans. The Nidek 4-in-1 combines into a single machine the ability for the eye doctor to conduct four different measurements with the same device. This increases both patient and doctor convenience by making the testing process faster and more comfortable. The Nidek optical scanning device is able to measure the curvature of a patient's corneal surface, the refractive error of the eye, which represents a person's farsightedness or nearsightedness and whether they have astigmatism, central corneal thickness in nanometers and intraocular pressure (IOP), to deliver a fast and comprehensive view of a patient's general overall eye health.

Offering comment about the advantage of having all four of these tests encapsulated in a single device, Dr. Greg Wallace, Optometrists at Tutt Street Optometry, says, "The convenience for the patient is that all 4 measurements are performed while sitting at the same instrument rather than having to move between four separate instruments. This is also better for the eye doctor since he/she doesn't have to re-position the patient for each test, which saves valuable time and ensures the accuracy of all four scans so long as the patient is positioned properly at the beginning. The whole procedure is quick and painless, and typically is completed within a single minute."

Performing all four tests all together also facilitates the combining of tests for increased ease and accuracy in discovering eye conditions that otherwise may have gone undetected until having developed further and potentially done further damage. "The auto-refractor part of the instrument measures the refractive error of the eye. It can help to discover some eye diseases like keratoconus," explains Dr. Wallace, "We also decided to invest in this technology for the extra information that central corneal thickness and routine IOP measurement gives in diagnosing glaucoma as well as more accuracy in measuring the objective refractive error in our pediatric patients."

Dr. Wallace recommends that all his patients have auto-refraction and auto-keratometry done, and for all his patients over 19 years old to also have measurements for central corneal thickness and IOP. This ensures the best patient care available.

Tutt Street Optometry welcomes the whole community to come experience the comfort, convenience and accuracy of their new Nidek 4-in-1 for themselves today. For more information, contact Dr. Wallace at Tutt Street Optometry.