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Earning extra cash on the side is always a smart thing to do. It is important to have a backup in case the job market goes for a spin and hurts the common jobs resulting in layoffs, pay cuts etc. Now, individuals can use the extra time they have to earn money online. All they have to do is share files to earn money; it is literally as simple as that!

The internet is the biggest and by far the most trusted source for content ranging from general research to more niche based content. For content providers this is an amazing opportunity as it presents to them a job/hobby which can be made into a big money churning machine., the best pay per download site has many such opportunities for individuals to use and benefit from. On this website, those interested to earn cash can upload their content and for each download made, they can earn anywhere from 30 cents to $20. Considering how popular this website is and the vast network of advertisers it collaborates with, earnings per day can ring up to a couple of hundred dollars which is simply unheard of!

Individuals can earn money uploading from the comfort of their home. They don't have to stick to a work routine, commute hours to work or confine themselves to an office cubicle. As long as their content is relevant and is requested for download, they will earn money regardless.

About Dollar Upload
Dollar Upload, a successful pay per download site has introduced the unique concept of offerwall, which allows the users to generate more revenue for the content they produce. All the user has to do is make sure, his target readers fill a form or take up the offer put forward by the advertiser, upon which they will get access to the content they want and the user will get paid in the form of virtual currency by the advertiser.

This innovative platform to earn money with offerwall is a total game changer and many are realizing the potential it holds for the future. To learn more and to start making money sharing files online, please visit

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