A Brand New Dating App for Men Pick Me Up if You Can Has Become a Big Hit with Single Men

A common problem millions of men around the world face is getting a date. According to research, it does not matter what a person looks like, dating can be a struggle. If a man does not understand a woman and does not understand how to speak to a woman, they will struggle to gain a date as well as a life long partner.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- A new dating app that helps men gain a date with a woman has launched on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store. The dating app called Pick Me Up If You Can, is a revolutionary dating app that helps to solve the problem men have faced for many years; how to get a date. Since its launch, the app has become a huge hit with men who struggle to understand the whole dating process.

Research has found; it does not matter how attractive a man is if they are not confident in dating they will struggle to find love. Dating experts have said men need to understand what women are looking for, as well as understanding how they should communicate and act around women.

Pick ME Up is a new App that can transform a man who is unlucky in love and dateless, into a successful Casanova. The app offers dating advice and teaches all the tricks men need to attract women. It covers every aspect a man needs to score themselves a date and find love. That includes, how to approach a girl, how to get to first base, how to talk on the same level and not bore a woman they are trying to ask out. The App brings all the tools that a man needs to say goodbye to single life and hello to the dating world.

Dating is not easy, and that is why it is important for men who find dating women hard to gain expert advice. Pick Me Up If You Can, provides men with everything they need to become a successful dater. Providing expert advice, videos, and tips, it has become an important tool for men looking to meet and date women.

Following the successful launch in 2015, Pick Me Up If You Can has become a trending App. The new release builds on Pick Me Up If You Can's existing algorithm of matchmaking through imagery to now allow for instant updates and messaging from mobile and tablet devices. It provides men with an important tool to move away from unsuccessful dating, into successful dating.

A spokesman for Pick Me Up If You Can said: "Our app stands out from other products because it based upon the basic psychology of menĀ¬-women social interaction in real life situations."

With so many single men out there struggling to gain a date, the new app, which is available to download from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store, will change man's fortune. The app is in the form of a Newsstand Magazine, providing dating and pick up tips for men.

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About Pick Me Up If You Can
Pick Me Up If You Can is a new dating app that allows men to learn the skills they need to successfully date a woman. The app makes the whole dating process easier.