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Ianto: Gripping New Novel Teaches "Problem Solving for Survival", as Born Enemies Unite to Demonstrate Power of the Human Spirit

Masterfully crafted by Annie O'Haegan, ‘Ianto’ tells the story of a young girl stranded in the Ontario wilderness, calling on the survival skills taught to her by her father to avoid a long and lonely death. However, Tan Trudeau’s saving grace is the most unlikely of companions – a coyote. This bold and thought-provoking narrative teaches invaluable lessons about the power of friendship, survival, and the unshakable balance of the human condition. O'Haegan’s story of miraculous redemption has already been hailed a “great wildlife survival saga” and “inspiring” by critics.


Paradise Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2015 -- While most authors write books to give their audience nothing but a quick thrill, Annie O'Haegan has developed a hallmark for leaving a tangible influence on everyone picking up her work. Her latest novel, 'Ianto', steps up to the plate with gusto.

What first appears to be an intricate coming-of-age saga transcends traditional fiction to empower readers through lessons of survival, companionship, self-reliance and acceptance.


When a disaster leaves 14-year-old Tan Trudeau alone and stranded in the Ontario wilderness, she must rely on her father's outdoors survival training and her own instincts to stay alive. Her struggles lead her to a starved and injured coyote that becomes dependent on her for his own survival. As the coyote's dependence slowly transforms into trust, a relationship develops that may save them both.

Ianto is an unforgettable story of courage, survival, and trust - of two born enemies who must learn to share their world in order to stay alive.

"I wanted to craft a book that contained an edge-of-the-seat adventure for young readers and adults, but also had an undercurrent that they won't be forgetting anytime soon," explains O'Haegan, a prolific writer. "Readers will learn about forgiveness, courage, selflessness and tenacity as they play out in our young protagonist's life."

Continuing, "The interesting thing is that Tan Trudeau comes to understand that the very worst things that happened to her became, in the end, the very bridge she crossed to find her brilliant future. This is something all readers can relate to, and the story will allow them to connect many dots in their own lives."

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. Claudia Kasen comments, "This is a wonderful book! It is full of lessons about family, love, courage, tenacity, and perspective. The main character draws on her childhood life experiences and strong sense of self to overcome and survive a terrible accident. Problem solving for survival is skillfully woven with mutual sacrifice and respect for a wild animal."

Betty Krause adds, "Such a great read, inspiring adventure into the wilderness, externally, as well as internally, facing fears, exploring friendship, survival and the balance of nature. Wonderful character development and story!"

One Amazon user found the book to be nothing short of inspiring for her own child, writing, "My 13 year old and I can't put this book down. It is a great coming-of-age book but is equally appealing to adults. It is a great story of self reliance, courage and acceptance of personal circumstances. We are recommending it to everyone we know."

'Ianto' is available now: http://amzn.to/15ZFDuk.

About Annie O'Haegan
Annie O'Haegan was born into a military family and grew up on Army bases around the world. The extraordinary freedom she was allowed in exploring her always changing environment gave her the strong sense of independence and adventure she brings to her writing. Her particular interest is crafting characters who must delve into their deepest selves to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

She is an avid outdoors and animal enthusiast, and volunteers at a wildlife refuge where she helps care for orphaned and injured owls. She currently lives with her husband and rescue Labrador Retrievers in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Annie is also the author of McCloonan's Boys, The Accidental Rescue, and the Unmoored Society Saga.