Kyne Cleaners Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Seniors Keep Their Homes Clean

A cleaning company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make it affordable for seniors to have their homes cleaned.


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Kyne Cleaners is a home cleaning Service Company founded by Kamberlyne Kyne based in Minneapolis-St. Paul and suburbs. The aim of Kyne Cleaners is to provide the senior community with a professional, affordable cleaning service. Kamberlyne Kyne has started a unique crowdfunding campaign with a mission to help seniors be independent and allow them to have their homes cleaned at a price that is affordable.

Even if seniors can take care of themselves, often they cannot deal with all work around the house, including cleaning. This can be a result of physical or emotional disability, in addition to a lack of mobility. An un-clean house can provide a dangerous, unhealthy environment for any age, but it can be more harming for a senior. When a home is not cleaned properly, it can generate serious health issues, where dust, mold, can cause problems for a person to breath.

Kyne Cleaners' goal is to offer a better life to the elders and help them live independent lives. The company wants to provide them with hygienic and clean houses and beautifully arranged to let them breathe easier and feel happy. For this reason, the company offers a special discount of 20% for the Senior Clean Service Package.

Kyne Cleaners Company are looking for people to support them and help in their mission to provide seniors with a safe living environment. They need to raise money to help with marketing, cleaning vans, office rent, vetting and hiring staff, and green commercial supplies. They offer some great rewards that include:

- The donor's name will be placed on their website's Virtual Thank You Wall for donation of just 3$.
- People, who donate $10 will get a Kyne Cleaning refrigerator magnet plus above.
- Those, who make $30 donation, will receive a large sized T-shirt with the logo of Kyne Cleaning.
- For $50, people will receive a T-shirt plus a calendar with the company's special gratitude.
- For $100, donors will get an exterior cleaning package plus all of the perks above.
- An interior and exterior cleaning package plus above perks await those, who choose to donate $200.
- People, who donate $300, will get an interior, winter exterior and fall/summer/spring package.

Those, who are interested in this campaign, can also help by sharing it on their social media pages.

To support the Kyne Cleaners' crowdfunding campaign, please visit

About Kyne Cleaners
Kamberlyne Kyne, who is a Certified Nursing Assistant, founded Kyne Cleaners. The company's goal is to help the senior citizens live better lives, by providing them with an important asset they are missing, which is a clean environment to live in.