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Dance in Authentic German Lederhosen for a Noble Cause


Olay, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- The third consecutive annual Fasching had Americans dancing in the authentic German Costume. It was hosted for the noble cause of generating scholarships worth $,1000 for students of three different schools and university and was great fun.

Over 400 guests participated in the US variant of the Karneval at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. The night full of amazing music, fun, mischief and traditional hint of mockery of the politicians made the event come alive.

Fasching, the traditional German 'foolish season' is more admired by the general public where they get to dance in their traditional German Costume of Authentic German Lederhosen and dirndls, chuck beer and ridicule the rulers. Obviously, the faces are covered with masks as the participants indulge in the merriment.

The Oktoberfest that has secured the crown of the traditional German festival, yet, the merriment and the novelty of the break free from rules is altogether at a different level at Fasching. The German tradition has its origin in the medieval times where the commoners loved to mock their ironhanded royal highnesses and yet, had full immunity to be forgiven to live.

While fusionists try to come up with new fashion trends, traditional garments such as Authentic German Lederhosen never give up their sheen. The traditional garment is sewed by hand and is made of leather. Authentic German Lederhosen, the traditional German garment is put on by Austrians and Bavarian boys on regular basis. The sensational part is that the same tradition is spreading its roots into the fashion world as well.

Haney, a US immigrant and in states since 1954 stated, "This is similar to the Fasching in Germany." No Fasching Karneval is complete without a beer chucking. This one too kept the tradition in tact with a healthy beer-chucking event.

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