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Elacra's Highly-Rated Vegetable Spiralizer with Ceramic Peeler Is on Sale on Amazon

Elacra's highly-rated Vegetable Spiral Slicer is on promotional sale on Amazon. Customers who have purchased and tried the Spiralizer have attested to the high quality and great value of the Premium Bundle of Vegetable Spiralizer which comes with free Flexible Cleaning Brush, Ceramic Peeler and 3 downloadable recipe eBooks.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Elacra has announced that its highly-rated vegetable spiralizer is on promotional sale starting this week. "Our premium Spiralizer product is retailing for $14.95 US in Amazon but for a limited period, customers can get them only at $12.95," said Marc Lim, Sales Consultant of Elacra.

Elacra's Spiral Vegetable Slicer has two reliable razor sharp Japanese blades manufactured from the highest quality durable BPA-Free ABS plastic and heat treated Stainless Steel which can slice with ease - a 2mm x 3mm blade making thin strips for salads and a 3.5mm x 5mm making wide strips for pasta dishes. It also has an ergonomic comfort grip making it super safe as well as easy to use. The high quality of the vegetable slicer was repeatedly noted by customers who have bought and tried the spiralizer.

A customer who recently purchased the Vegetable Spiral Slicer said: "I loved the quality of this spiral cutter! I would compare it to the as seen on tv spiral cutter as far as what it can do. It makes zoodles, which are spiral noodle shaped vegetables. Such a fun and eat way to get the kids to eat their vegetables as well as some adults!" Another satisfied customer expressed her appreciation in this manner: "It is super well made which is important because I will be using it a lot! I love that it came with a peeler & cleaning brush too! The peeler worked great and the brush was very handy because the blades are sharp. It helped me safely clean the unit and stores right inside. I found the perfect kitchen companion."

The Spiral Slicer comes with bonus gifts including a free ceramic peeler and a flexible brush. Customers have expressed satisfaction at the usefulness of the free items. As one customer put it, "The peeler worked good and the brush was very handy and has proved to be useful.- stores easy (huge deal when you are addicted to kitchen stuff like I am) It is well constructed when it comes to quality . It has stainless steel blades on either side that I have to warn you, are extremely sharp."

It also comes with three downloadable free recipe ebooks. The Elacra Vegetable Spiralizer makes great gift for parents and those who must switch to Gluten free or vegetarian diet where vegetables are a staple.

Elacra products are designed by kitchen professionals to meet the discerning needs of cooks and food lovers everywhere at an everyday value price. Elacra also offers a Lifetime No-Hassle Free replacement satisfaction guarantee with their product.

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Elacra's core business is selling high quality home and kitchen products. Its products are sourced from manufacturers that have years of experience in conceptualizing, designing, developing and producing home and kitchen products. Its innovative line of products includes Vegetable Spiralizer, Silicone Grilling and Barbeque Gloves and Ice Ball Maker. Elacra's kitchen products are specially designed to help food lovers prepare healthy meals easier and conveniently. The Company prides itself on its dedication and passion to delivering products that will reduce customers' cooking time and allow them to spend more time with their family. With the slogan "Loyalty to Quality!", customer service and satisfaction is Elacra's main priority.

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