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Foundation Repair Pros Announces a Lifetime Transferable Warranty Program

Homeowners worried about taking on the expense of a foundation repair find the cost more reasonable with this warranty, reports TulsaFoundationRepair.Net


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Foundation Repair Pros proudly announces the launch of a lifetime transferable warranty program on any household foundation repair tulsa service. Very few things strike terror in the heart of a homeowner more than discovering a sinking, sagging, or settling foundation, yet this warranty eases the burden associated with this repair, as the homeowner can transfer the warranty when the time comes to sell this home. Doing so helps to protect the value of the house because the new homeowner knows he or she is covered in the event future problems are detected.

"Foundation Repair Pros opted to add this warranty to their lineup of services to ensure the needs of their clients are being met at all times. The company offers a free inspection so problems may be detected early, in an effort to help minimize the cost of repairs while protecting the value of the home. In addition, the foundation repair cost tulsa may be covered by one's homeowner's insurance policy so call today as appointments are filling up fast," Kevin Hamilton, spokesperson for Foundation Repair Pros, announces.

Foundation Repair Pros employs highly qualified specialists trained to detect problems seen in Tulsa homes, including those caused by expansive soil conditions frequently seen in the region. Alternating periods of drought and heavy rainfall tend to make the problem increase in severity in a very short period of time, and the company makes use of a number of patented technologies to correct the issues identified. All technologies used are designed to preserve the owner's investment in his or her property.

Hamilton explains the repairs needed and the technologies used vary based on the type of foundation being corrected. Basement foundations tend to be affected by horizontal movement, such as when foundation walls become saturated. They then expand and bow inward. When a pier and beam foundation repair is required, this is typically the result of vertical movement, and the same is true of slab foundations.

Repair options range from pressed pilings and mudjacking to concrete piers and wall anchors. The specialists at Foundation Repair Pros take many factors into account when determining which option is right for a structure. Factors considered during the process include the root cause of the problem, the severity of the issue, and the soil conditions on the property.

"The first priority remains detecting any water leaks to ensure they are corrected before repairs are undertaken. This may include the installation of french drains or other drainage management solutions. This helps to ensure the foundation receives a permanent fix and the homeowner isn't facing similar problems in a short period of time. Contact Foundation Repair Pros today for a free inspection as the sooner problems are detected, the easier they typically are to correct," Hamilton proclaims.

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Foundation Repair Pros specializes in finding solutions for property owners facing a failing foundation. The company assists those with a broken, sagging, settling, or cracked foundation and can address numerous other problems with this portion of the home. The company remains committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction at all times.