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Revere Self Defense & Security Increases Inventory to Meet Florida's Security Issues

With increased crime in the Sunshine State, beefs up inventory to meet demand of local citizens of Florida


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2015 -- With the fourth largest population in the United States, Florida also has the dubious honor of also housing more of the 100 most dangerous cites than any other state, for a total of 11. This is according to based on the number of local violent crimes reported to the FBI and the population of each city. With the nature of the crime in its home state in mind, Frank Masters, spokesperson for Revere Self Defense and Security, has announced an increase in inventory to help protect citizens of the area.

Says Masters, "The need to protect oneself and family is just basic. And, even if you havent the need to protect yourself now, you may soon. We are experts in the field and we've put together the best collection of products to make citizens feel secure about their safety in today's often dangerous world. We carry self defense products made of the highest quality, tested to be effective in any number of situations, so that you never have to worry about the item working as it should. In fact, we've recently increased our inventory to make sure we have all the items needed for every situation imaginable."

According to Masters, the online store which is located in Jacksonville, FL now carries a number of stun gun options for men and women alike. Masters elaborates, saying, "Stun guns are one of the most popular self defense items available today and they're approved by police forces all over, making them the perfect defense mechanism against an attack. They give you just what you need, a chance to get away from an attacker. We now have many models available to keep in your briefcase, purse or pocket that look like cell phones, pens or even flashlights."

Preventing an attack or break-in before it happens is, of course, the best possible outcome, says Masters, and this can be achieved with the right surveillance products. His online store, Revere Security, is now offering hidden cameras for both homes and commercial locations. Masters confirms and explains, "While a camera's primary focus, of course, is to record criminal activities, they also operate as a criminal deterrent. An intruder is much less likely to break into an area that is scanned by a camera or one that appears to be scanned, because they feel their identity is being detected and possibly recorded. They simply don't want to risk it."

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