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AAA Storage Presents Unusual Uses for Self Storage Units

Individuals and businesses often find they need added space, yet fail to consider a storage unit when it is exactly what they need, reports


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Self storage units appear to be popping up everywhere, yet many wonder what individuals are using these units for. Most associate them with the storing of office supplies and equipment or household goods, yet there are numerous other uses for units of this kind. Contact AAA Storage Houston ( today to learn what these units may be used for and how they can be of benefit to any consumer or business.

"The Federal Aviation Administration has been known to rent storage units to hold pieces collected at various crash sites until they can sort through the debris. A zoo in Indiana opted to rent storage space to hold a whale skeleton until they needed it assembled once again, and a farmer used his storage unit to hold his crops after disaster struck his barn. Individuals need to think outside of the box when they find they need space to hold one or more items, and a self storage unit is a great place to start," Dal Anderson, spokesperson for AAA Storage, states.

Homeowners may choose to use the unit to hold household items when they are in the process of a move or when they find they need additional space in the home. Businesses often find they benefit from renting storage space, especially when they are switching to digital records and need to keep the paper copies for an extended period of time. Another use for many businesses involves the storage of seasonal items which won't be needed for another year, such as Christmas decorations.

Anderson states very few requests are denied, yet one cannot live in the storage units. Some storage facilities do allow bands to rent a space to practice, yet this varies by facility so it is always best if one asks. Of course, one can store their band equipment in a unit between gigs without any hassle.

Consider storing a boat or RV that is only used for a portion of the year in a storage facility. Doing so creates more space on one's property and ensures the watercraft or motor vehicle remains safe when the owners cannot be at the home. With many uses for these types of units, any person or business can benefit from renting a unit for a period of time, whether it be for the short term or the long.

"Although the average person rents a self storage unit from AAA Storage Austin to hold household or office items, there are numerous other uses for this type of facility. Use creativity when determining if a unit of this type is needed. Many who do so find they can benefit from renting a storage unit and you may be the same. The sky's the limit or the size of the storage unit is, but anyone can benefit from renting space of this kind," Anderson declares.

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