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Biotin Stop Publishes New Editorial on the Benefits of Biotin Supplements for Aiding Hair Growth has published a new article on one of the more unusual uses of biotin supplements, to speed up hair growth for everything from unwanted hair cuts to chemotherapy treatment.


Woodstock, NB -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Hair loss affects millions of people throughout America for numerous reasons, and people who lose their hair and want to grow it back often face a long wait before it's back to the length they want. This leaves many people seeking a means to speed up their hair growth. Biotin Stop is an online resource center specializing in educating individuals on the benefits of Biotin supplements, and has addressed this particular problem with a new editorial on Biotin for hair growth.

In their article on the benefits of biotin the website explains that Biotin is an essential vitamin also known as Vitamin H, which is essential in the proper chemical composition of skin, hair and nails and as such, is an essential nutrient in giving the body a healthy and vital appearance.

The website is replete with a comprehensive guide to Biotin supplement use, including information on helping conditions like alopecia, dermatitis, conjunctivitis and even neurological symptoms like depression and lethargy. The latest article takes a different approach altogether and one that is purely cosmetic.

A spokesperson for Biotin Stop explained, "Biotin is an essential part of the hair growth process and by using supplements to create an abundance of this nutrient users can speed up the growth of their hair. People suffering from alopecia or having undergone chemotherapy, or even people simply having a bad haircut can now see their hair grow significantly faster thanks to biotin enrichment, which can be achieved using any of the high quality biotin supplements currently available. We also offer advice on other supplements people can use for hair growth, which can redouble the efficacy of biotin when used together."

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