Gurin Touch Digital Kitchen Scale

Gurin Touch – Professional and Most Advanced Digital Kitchen Scale

Features Include Capacity Range, Measurement and Display Results


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2015 -- Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is a must have tool in every modern kitchen. The advantages of having this tool in a kitchen are that one can control the meal portions that need to be served either to kids or adults per meal time or day; and perfect cooking for recipes that need accurate measurements of ingredients such as baking and the like. This tool comes with some of the most advanced features and touch sensitive buttons that aid in easy operation. The product is available in elegant black color, a tempered glass surface that is 4 times tougher than normal glass and comes in a sleek award-winning thin design.

The Gurin Touch Kitchen Scale weighs about 1.4 pounds and includes scale capacity range right from 0.1 ounces to 12 lbs. The scale provides measurements in US as well as international metric systems such as ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms. The display screen is also quite spacious and the backlit feature is an added feather. It makes it easy to read the measurements just at a single glance. And since the buttons are touch sensitive, all that the users have to do is to just tap their fingers against the options. The glass surface is extremely smooth and offers additional convenience for the users to navigate through the physical buttons.

It is also very easy to clean and maintain this kitchen scale. It is as simple as wiping the surface with a smooth cloth with the help of a glass cleaner. The scale might look very sleek but it equally durable. The scale is operable with the help of 2 lithium batteries which can be inserted in an easy access battery compartment without the need for screwdriver or any other tool. This sleek kitchen scale is also very portable and can be carried to places without worrying about additional space or weight. This product can also be a great gifting option be it for housewarming or as a festive gift.

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About Gurin Touch Digital Kitchen Scale
Gurin Touch Digital Kitchen Scale sold by Gurin Products, LLC is available on Amazon at a discounted price. This professional digital kitchen scale comes with high precision sensors and provides accurate measurements.