JohnnyDents Announces Availability for Paintless Dent Repair This Winter


Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- During this time of the year, motorists not only need to look out for other drivers, but also environmental hazards. Now that snow is falling on a weekly basis, drivers throughout the Greater Philadelphia area are taking extra precautions to get to work safely. Combine the accumulation with the formation and spread of black ice and the chances of a crash skyrocket. There to help when a vehicle loses traction and collides with another car or object, JohnnyDents has announced that they have availabilities for paintless dent repair this winter. With decades' worth of experience, all of their technicians have the skills needed to seamlessly repair the most unsightly dents.

Every driver fears the day their car's paint receives its first blemish. While it may be virtually unnoticeable to a passerby, the owner cannot help but notice it. Fortunately, JohnnyDents has perfected the art of paintless dent repair at their facility near Bucks County. For those who do not have the time to drop their vehicle off before work, the company can come to them. They offer a rapid turnaround on their services, typically sending out a technician within 24 hours.

Along with the inconvenience of needing a repair, dents pose the challenge of matching the car's paint. As car manufacturers are constantly tweaking their colors on a yearly basis, finding the exact color can be nearly impossible. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that unless the paint is fresh, it has likely faded a bit from its original shade. Resolving that issue altogether, the repairs made by Johnny Dents do not require the area to be resurfaced or repainted.

Burlington drivers in need of paintless dent repair can trust the technicians at JohnnyDents and their purpose-built tools to expertly remove any evidence of there ever being a dent. Those interested in setting up an appointment for their services can call 877-317-9931 or visit the company's website today.

About JohnnyDents
JohnnyDents understands how important cars are to their owners, which is why they provide paint-less dent repair, rim repair, and restoration giving it that brand new look. They offer the highest quality services to clients no matter what type of vehicle they may be driving. JohnnyDents has over a decade of experience with the most advanced technologies and techniques that will rest assure the most critical car owner by providing perfect results.

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