Fertility Specialist Website Publishes New Study on Yet Another Mass-Produced Chemical


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- A new study published on a fertility specialist website, argues that women exposed to high levels of the chemical BisPhenol A (BPA) may have their fertility reduced because of it.

A study published on http://www.genderselectionclinic.org revealed that women who had high levels of BPA in their bodies and took part in the study had 24 per cent fewer fertility-capable eggs. And fewer of those eggs were fertilised, compared with other women. This is quite a stark find if the results are proven to be conclusive. BPA has already been linked as potentially dangerous to general health. Experts who have been studying the chemical which is normally present in plastics have expressed concerns that BPA can be responsible for contributing to life threatening diseases.

So where can BPA be found? Sophia Jones, a specialist at genderselectionclinic.org commented that "BPA can be found in a number of everyday items such as credit card receipts, canned food tins and dental sealants. It can also be found in many plastic containers that have been used for food and drink packaging. The potential adverse effects have only been raised recently, not only in fertility, but also in diseases such as cancer." She goes onto explain that "We cannot ignore the threat that BPA may have to our health. It is definitely a growing concern, considering that there is such a huge increase in the number of plastic items that are used in our lives today. So it is in our interest to keep a close eye on the health risks."

Whilst not conclusive, the study's findings are probably enough to cause IVF specialists to take this reading into account in determining the treatment for each patient before long. This link between BPA and infertility has in fact been suspected for several years, but this is the first study that has found a definite link. Further research will hopefully identify more results to conclusively prove the connection between BPA and infertility.

For those who are worried about infertility, this is another example of how fertility problems can only be properly addressed through changing lifestyle to a more natural one, as advocated in our flagship Guide, Fertility Secrets.

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