Havok Timepieces a Proven Disruptor in the Luxury Watch Market Through Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Success in Excess of 1,667% of its Original Crowdfunding Goal Makes it Clear the Public Loves a Luxe Watch Without the High Price.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Elliot Havok is wreaking havoc in the luxury watch world thanks to its Kickstarter project offering posh watches at low prices. Having currently raised over $250,000 in a crowdfunding project with a starting goal of $15,000, it's clear that Elliot Havok is on to something.

A dream team of creative product designers from the fields of design, development, and manufacturing were brought together to create a watch that permanently changed the paradigm of what a quality timepiece should cost. And they did.

The team started this project to create an elegant watch that is practical, minimal, and affordable. Starting at just $69 on Kickstarter, Havok Timepieces will offer handmade watches that will be useful for everyday wear without any frills. The minimalistic design of these watches will not have any extraneous features or fancy dials but they will have a timeless sense of style with barely a tickle to the wallet.

With 32 days remaining on their crowdfunding campaign there's nowhere for this project to but up. Leading crowdfunding expert Howard Sherman says "I wouldn't be surprised to see the Havok watch campaign raise over $500,000 through their crowdfunding project when all is said and done. From everything I've seen, each and every crowdfunding backer who gets a Havok watch will be a very happy customer."

This crowdfunding campaign ends on March 7, 2015.

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About Elliot Havok
Elliot Havok is a team of creative product designers from the fields of design, development, and manufacturing. Their current venture is to create Havok Timepieces, a line of practical, minimal, and affordable watches through very successful crowdfunding campaign.