USA Fitness Elite Launch Resistance Loop Bands to Help Women to Lose Weight

In America, there are over 78.6 million adults who are overweight or obese, a large portion of these adults could suffer from serious health problems


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2015 -- USA Fitness Elite has launched a new fitness product that will help women to lose weight and become slimmer and healthier. The fitness product called USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands, currently priced at $19.90 allows women to have a full work out within their home without the use of weights.

The resistance loop bands have become a huge hit in America, helping women to lose weight in their home without the need for expensive fitness club memberships and expensive fitness machines and products. To celebrate the success of the USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands, the company behind the product has now launched a 60% sale on Amazon, reducing the normal price from $49.99 to $19.90.

The USA Fitness Elite resistance band allows a woman to receive a full workout within their home or where they choose to exercise, without worrying about using weights or big exercise machines. The Resistance Bands Set, which comes with a premium set of five resistance bands and free carrying bag, are lightweight. That means they can be carried anywhere and used in the park, at a friend's house, or even at work?

Millions of dollars are being wasted each year by women who spend a great deal of money on diets and diet products that do not work in relation to weight loss. With the continued high level of obesity in America, and with the media reporting on how serious obesity has become, more and more diets are appearing on the market leaving women confused. However, research has found that diets do not work and can put weight on a person. That is why fitness experts advise women to exercise to lose weight, and one of the best pieces of exercise equipment a woman can use, is the USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands.

According to fitness experts, by exercising at least 20 minutes a day, a woman can lose weight and become slimmer. However, many women find going to the gym time consuming while many others find it expensive. With the Resistance Loop Band, women who are looking to lose weight can exercise at their leisure at a time that suits them.

A spokesman for USA Fitness Elite said: "With our resistance loop bands, a woman who is looking to lose weight can do it in their home. There are no expensive weights to buy, with our lightweight fitness product, they can receive a full workout without all the fitness equipment that is normally needed."

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About USA Fitness Elite Resistance Bands
The resistance loop bands give women the perfect fitness equipment to lose weight and become slimmer without worry about high prices for a gym membership.