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Dr. Stone Minimizes Radiation Exposure by Integrating New Digital Equipment


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Dr. Frank Stone has recently implemented digital radiograph technology that provides both single intraoral as well as panoramic full head images. This means he is now able to diagnose and explain tooth problems to his patients more easily. It is a huge leap from the days of photographic film x-rays. While the latter can be compared to an old black-and-white still on a twelve-inch round screen TV, digital x-rays can be likened to a widescreen high-definition image.

Dr. Stone recalls how the large piece of cardboard that was used to hold the film would make some of his patients choke, while the sharp edges hurt their gums. He is also reminded of the 5-15 minute process required to develop the x-ray film in chemicals that were later disposed—polluting the water cycle. Thankfully, that antiquated method of x-rays has now been replaced by digital radiography at progressive practices like Stone Smiles.

The Dexis Module is Dr. Stone's preferred digital x-ray system. This system enables him to easily explain to his patients their dental situations. Neither doctor nor patient has to wait to view x-rays as they are processed in less than five seconds. "It's instant gratification," declares Dr. Stone before explaining, "If I notice a crack in my patient's tooth, for example, our digital intraoral camera is used to augment the digital x-ray image. We can now immediately point it out to them and educate them on necessary procedures, along with the risk and benefit of recommended treatment." Furthermore, digital x-rays expose patients and staff to 90% less radiation than standard film-type x-rays and are considerably more precise as compared to photographic film x-rays.

About Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone has more than 40 years of experience in restorative and esthetic dentistry for adults. He is a multiple American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry International Smile Gallery gold medal and Best of Show award winner.

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