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Monteith Physio Offers Great Value and Service


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Adam Monteith, founder of Monteith Physio, announced that the practice is offering new patient specials to introduce individuals to the benefits of the clinic's services. The special online offers are for new patients only and provide individuals with an opportunity to receive a free consultation with a sports physiotherapist, along with significant savings on clinical Pilates classes.

"We provide a wide range of services to treat, manage and rehabilitate," said Monteith. "Services are appropriate for patients of all ages and we specialize in sports-related injuries. I've personally experienced many of the sports injuries and conditions I treat."

The clinical Pilates offer includes an initial assessment of the client's core strengths and problems, an opportunity to test the Pilates equipment, and a digital postural assessment and report for savings of $244.

The no-gap consultation is a 30-minute one-on-one visit with an experienced clinician. It includes a comprehensive orthopaedic and neurological examination, an explanation of the diagnosis, exercise prescription, and referrals when required and appropriate.

About Monteith Physio
The practice specialises in services for recreational and professional athletes at all stages of competition and training. Physiotherapy methods and techniques aren't just for people with immediate injuries. The practice's sports physiotherapist provides therapies to improve sports performance and address previous injuries with lingering symptoms.

Sports-related injuries require special treatment and management plans to ensure they heal properly and a full range of motion is restored. The physiotherapists have multiple methods and techniques that can be used singly or in conjunction with others to ease pain, rehabilitate and maintain functionality.

Clinicians utilize hands-one examinations and technology to diagnose and treat injuries. Therapies include mobilisation and manual manipulation techniques. They're effective following surgical interventions, for old injuries that continue to cause problems, and for retraining the body in the proper ways to move after extended recuperations.

Therapeutic massage plays an integral role in the training programmes of world-class athletes around the globe. It helps prevent injuries, improves circulation and helps remove toxins from the body. Massage therapy works with the body's own mechanisms to accelerate healing and stimulate the immune system. It's especially helpful for athletes who have developed dysfunction or scar tissue from previous injuries.

Clinical Pilates is specialized exercise to strengthen the core and pelvic floor. It improves balance, stability and helps prevent injuries. The therapeutic exercise helps maintain flexibility, alleviate pain and address postural problems.

The free no-gap consultation provides individuals with the opportunity to discover any potential problems and learn about therapies to address them. Individuals who avail themselves of the savings offered with the clinical Pilates special have access to an in-depth evaluation and first-hand experience with the practice's fully featured Pilates studio.

The clinic can be reached by phone at +612 9252 2433 or by visiting Monteith Physio online.

Adam Monteith
Monteith Physio
Phone: 02 9252 2433