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National Maintenance and Build out Company LLC Announces Availability for Build out Services This Winter


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2015 -- As a business expands, it is only a matter of time before it outgrows its original workspace. When it has reached its peak capacity, the owner can either move to a new site, which can hurt the business, or increase the size their current location. To help those interested in expanding their facility, National Maintenance and Build Out Company LLC has announced they have availabilities for their build out services this winter. With clients ranging from commercial operations to professional offices, they have been helping companies expand for over 20 years.

When a new client comes to National Maintenance and Build Out Company LLC, the company reviews the customer's needs and selects the project managers, engineers, and laborers that are best suited for the job. The custom-built team will be composed of professionals that are experienced in working on similar build outs. Before the team begins construction, the company will conduct an In-Store Productivity Audit. Their engineers will work with the client's managerial team to determine average traffic patterns, aisle congestion, and parking tendencies to reduce their impact on the business's daily operations. Using the collected data, they will determine the best time for them to work on the build out in order to have as little impact as possible on the business's daily operations.

The company understands that every job has a certain budget that must be followed and offers a Value-Engineered Option. It is designed to limit the cost of the build out while still allowing National Maintenance and Build Company LLC to provide a superior level of craftsmanship. By using alternative materials and techniques, they can offer an average savings of 10-15% while achieving results similar to the original plan.

During the build out, clients can also hire the company to perform any needed renovations, as well as interior and exterior "Face-Lifts" to bring an updated look to the building. Those interested in learning more about their build out services and receiving a customized project evaluation can visit their website.

About National Maintenance and Build Out Company LLC
National Maintenance and Build Out Company LLC (NMBOC) specializes in providing retail construction management services and facility maintenance for numerous companies throughout the country. With over 50 construction professionals, skilled subcontractors, and customer service specialist, the company provides superior craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. They are committed to creating quality commercial construction solutions and retail build outs. Every client is assigned a team specifically assembled to best suit their unique requirements. To ensure every specification is met, the company employs the NMBOC Quality Assurance Process that thoroughly reviews every aspect of their work.