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Clinical Advances in Periodontics Releases Paper Describing NanoGen by Orthogen LLC in Sinus Augmentation Cases


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2015 -- Patients with an edentulous posterior maxillary segment lack the bone mass to support dental implants. Profiling encouraging procedures, the official Journal of Academy of Periodontics, Clinical Advances in Periodontics, has accepted a paper that describes the use of Orthogen LLC's NanoGen in sinus augmentation cases.

When experiencing severe damage to the tooth, complications arise with implant placements through the poor quality of bone structure. The paper that is accepted by Clinical Advances in Periodontics explains how a sinus lift with dental bone graft material, NanoGen results in bone regeneration to stabilize implants and increases bone volume.

The case involved a 70-year-old female patient who needed a full maxillary rehabilitation. On the right side of the mouth, a dental professional used the osteotome approach for sinus lift procedure. NanoGen from Orthogen LLC, a nanocrystalline calcium sulfate (nCS) bone graft was grafted in the sinus. On the left side, the lateral window sinus elevation approach was used. NanoGen was grafted in combination with Platelet Rich Fibrin, and implants were placed in the mouth on both sides simultaneously.

Six months after the bone grafting was performed, CT scans showed bone formation in the augmented sites. The implants remained stable and showed positive results two years later. The paper describes the effective uses of NanoGen as a nanocrystalline calcium sulfate (nCS) bone graft for sinus augmentation cases. At least 7 mm of bone growth on the right side and at least 10 mm of bone growth on the left side was observed.

Research has indicated that NanoGen is one of the most relied upon dental bone graft materials on the market. Orthogen, LLC is extremely excited that a reputed journal like Clinical Advances in Periodontics, an official publication of the Academy of Periodontology has accepted a paper discussing the use of its patented product, NanoGen. Visit the website for more information about the products developed and offered by Orthogen LLC.

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