LivHome Atlanta Announces Campaign to Promote Compassionate Medical Care Options

Atlanta's premier at-home care service is doing its part to increase awareness of the many medical, financial and social benefits of at-home medical care.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2015 -- The baby boomer generation, an estimated 78 million people, has now reached retirement age. This fact and the increase in life expectancy in general, is now causing many experts to agree that a severe overload of the American health care system is possible. Many worry about how the existing system will be able to provide the quality of care people expect. It is this concern which is leading LivHome Atlanta, the largest, most reputable provider of at-home care to increase their efforts to notify people of the options they have available to them and their loved ones for alternative means of compassionate medical care.

Chris Foster, company spokesperson for LivHome Atlanta, announced his firm is using this campaign to promote awareness of how at-home programs are able to reduce the burden on hospitals and nursing facilities. Foster explained, "Elderly patients who live alone are often unable to go home following an illness or injury because there is no one available to care for them. This leads to beds being filled in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities by people who do not always necessarily need to be there."

Foster went on to describe how those who choose at-home care are able to be in the comfort of their own surroundings, while vacating space in these other facilities for patients who really need them. "At-home care is able to reduce the strain on the medical staff at these other facilities, but it also provides a more personal, caring service to people who want to be in their own home."

LivHome Atlanta is known as one of the top providers of this type of care in the United States. Their caregivers are available across the state of Georgia. With so many clients, they have seen first-hand the positive impact their services have on lives. "We know, because we get feedback from our clients and their families, that our caregivers are making the lives of the people they visit better."

LivHome Atlanta feels their services benefit everyone, not just their clients. Foster explained, "Statistics show that patients who receive regular visits from an at-home care professional are healthier, require less emergency services and suffer from lower rates of depression than those who are left to obtain care on their own or are admitted to other facilities for care. The cost of their medical care is less, they require fewer resources to keep them healthy and their life is more enjoyable because they are where they want to be, home. Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are less crowded and have more time to care for sicker patients."

The company invites the public to discover the types of services they offer and what these programs could do to help everyone involved. Their website, provides details about the services they offer as well as contact information to arrange for in-person consultations.

About LivHome Atlanta
LivHome Atlanta has service locations in ten cities across the state of Georgia. They are a premier home-care company that prides itself on providing compassionate care. They employ only carefully-screened and well-trained medical professionals. They offer reasonable prices and a variety of services including companion care, memory care teams and services for the disabled of any age.