Whatiscashback.co.uk Launches a New YouTube Video Reviewing One of the Highest Paying and Longest Established Cashback Websites Worldwide


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Whatiscashback.co.uk announces the launch of it's latest video, 'Ebates Review', which reviews one of the highest paying cashback websites worldwide, and also provides great tips for online shoppers to maximize cashback earnings.

Whatiscashback.co.uk has just launched a video called Ebates Review. Spokesperson for the website, Blanche Williams explains, "Here at 'What Is Cashback', we are all about added value to the online shopper, whether this may be from cashback that is available to customers, or to loyalty schemes. We want to make online shoppers aware of how they can get the most value for their money".

Blanche adds, "There are many shoppers that do not realize the extra benefits they can get from purchasing goods online. Cashback is available from most retailers on the internet, so when you shop online over the course of a year, this money can really add up. On average, a frequent online shopper can expect to earn around $800 to $1,500 per year in cashback. If a shopper can get in the habit of purchasing everything through a cashback website, especially for large purchases such as holidays, insurance renewals, Christmas shopping etc., the cashback earnings will add up very quickly. It's important for online shoppers to learn about cashback, so they don't miss out on money they are entitled to earn, just from being a member of a cashback site".

The website has just launched its new video about the cashback website Ebates, along with a large review on its website. Blanche explains. "Ebates is the number one cashback website worldwide. It offers high cashback payments to it's members, with fast and reliable payments. Ebates was the first cashback website to launch back in 1998, and it still remains the best. This is why we have made the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oauvfzuu1s entitled 'Ebates Review', as we want our readers and viewers to earn the most cash as possible, and Ebates is the best place to start".

Blanche advises, "There are many cashback websites on the internet, but they are not the same. Always do your research first. Not all websites pay the same amounts of cashback, or are as reliable when is comes to paying".

There are many ways for shoppers on the internet to save or earn extra money in the form of cashback. 'What Is Cashback' is determined to educate all online shoppers so they start to understand all the financial benefits that are available to them when shopping online.

For more information, please visit http://whatiscashback.co.uk/ebatesreview

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