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Boys' Residential Treatment Center Mt. Pleasant Academy Accepting Applications

Rustic center has proven record at helping boys and young men grapple with pornography addiction and sexual obsession, incorporates equine therapy, Mt. Pleasant Academy reports


Mt. Pleasant, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Mt. Pleasant Academy, a residential treatment center for young men struggling with sexual compulsive behaviors, internet pornography addiction, substance abuse, and other issues, is accepting applications. Located in rustic, beautiful, Mt. Pleasant, Utah, the Academy offers individualized treatment programs for young men aged 12-18, leveraging the skills of a highly trained staff of dedicated, professional counselors. A cornerstone of the proven Mt. Pleasant Academy approach, equine assisted psychotherapy is used in most cases to help boys develop more productive perspectives, learn to trust others, and take charge of their harmful behaviors and habits. Families interested in what Mt. Pleasant Academy has to offer can read more at the center's website, where an online application form can also be found.

"While the digital age has produced a wide range of wonderful things, it has also created traps that too many young people today fall into," Mt. Pleasant Academy representative Kathy Michaels said, "For young men dealing with pornography addiction and related problems, Mt. Pleasant Academy offers hope and effective assistance. We are excited to say that we are accepting applications from those who can use our help."

Some studies have found that as many as 70% of all adult men in the United States view online pornography at least once a month. While statistics for boys are more difficult to pin down, few experts doubt that far more such young people are regularly exposed to pornography than in the past.

Once a fairly rare phenomenon, pornography addiction among boys has become a common problem today. While pornography can easily become problematic for mature people, it is far more likely to pose long-term dangers for younger ones, as excessive exposure can inhibit normal development, both in sexual terms and otherwise.

Compounding this issue is the fact that many families find the problem especially difficult and uncomfortable to confront. By providing pornography addiction help and sex addiction treatment that address the issues head on, in effective, unflinching ways, Mt. Pleasant Academy has become a leader at helping young men who grapple with these problems regain control of their lives.

The rustic, dramatic landscape of Mt. Pleasant provides an especially fruitful backdrop for this important work, as the Academy's ranch setting helps young men focus on the task of dealing with their issues. The Academy's expert, highly trained staff members work to craft individualized plans of treatment for each boy and young man at the Academy, recognizing that every person's situation is ultimately unique.

By combining the proven effectiveness of equine-assisted therapy with a range of other therapeutic approaches as appropriate, Mt. Pleasant Academy has become one of the world's recognized leaders at helping boys and young men overcome these often difficult issues. The Mt. Pleasant Academy website is stocked with information that can help families decide if the Academy would make sense for them, including a "FAQ" section that provides useful answers to the most common questions. The Mt. Pleasant Academy is now accepting applications for admission, and representatives encourage families dealing with these problems to investigate what it has to offer.

About Mt. Pleasant Academy
Helping young men aged 12-18 address the poor choices that lead to destructive behaviors, Mt. Pleasant Academy is a small, rustic, residential treatment center where boys receive individualized help. Treatment at the Academy incorporates a range of proven therapeutic techniques, from experiential approaches like equine-assisted therapy to traditional clinical methods.