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MXI, Inc. Announces New Latex Paint Recycling Program


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- MXI Environmental Services, LLC, one of the nation's leading provider of hazardous waste management services, industrial waste disposal, and in the Household Hazardous Waste industry, is announcing the initiation of operations for the new Latex Paint Recycling Program. MXI Environmental Services LLC is going to consolidate all of the latex paint collected from their Household Hazardous Waste collection events for beneficial reuse. In partnership with Legacy Paints, MXI Environmental Services LLC will sell full 275 gallon totes of paint to manufacturers in Africa, South America, and India who will use the paint to complement their base stocks before being tinted and refined.

The paint will be segregated into 6 different color streams and bulked into 275 gallon totes. Once the tote is full it will be blended and filtered of any solids.

"The process seemed simple but in order to do it safely and efficiently we needed to invest a significant degree of planning and capital into this project. The company wanted this process to be developed correctly and to be able to take more paint in addition to the paint we receive now," said Project Manager and Developer Joe Potter. In conjuncture with the company Operations Director, Mr. Potter designed and built the infrastructure, in addition to designing the process flow and organizational layout.

The goal of the program is to get the volume and the refining capability to develop a domestic line of discounted recycled paint. The goal is much heftier than it might seem. "Volume and quality are going to be essential. We need to have enough paint to keep customers satisfied and the paint we want to sell them has to be a high quality," said Operations Director Craig Potter. "With this in mind we've invested in the proper infrastructure and developed a process that will allow us to handle the volume we want and refine the material the way we want."

The company anticipates the Latex Paint Recycling business to grow over the next few years and wants to be at the front of all the nation's hazardous and solid waste management companies in this new emerging market. "Customers and citizens are becoming much more conscious of the environment and recycling everything they can. When they realize that we can reuse the paint rotting in their basement and garage, we hope that they will be motivated to bring it out to their household hazardous waste event and let us reuse it in a beneficial way," Mr. Potter said regarding the growth opportunities surrounding latex paint recycling.

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