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R-Bot, Announces New Campaign for Revolutionary Multi Sensor Talking Orb


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- R-Bot, a organization that specializes in producing smart and useful gadgets announced their new campaign that will focus on the financial aspect of designing, manufacturing and distribution of KaKa, a new revolutionary ball-shaped multi sensor talking orb. The funds gathered from this financial campaign will be used towards the large-scale production of this gadget. KaKa is a revolutionary way to remember things because it can record any messages up to 60 seconds long and then play it back with high definition audio. This smart gadget is a great way to remind things or to send a message to someone else or even tell a bedtime story to your kids while you are away. KaKa voice can be activated by either sound, human present, light or even vibration.

The financial campaign focuses on how KaKa can create more such products in a single run making the overall price per unit cheaper. In return, KaKa will offer incentives to those who are willing to contribute the money. The funds collected from this campaign will be used for production material, molding, manufacturing and payment for the use of factory. Currently, KaKa is offering this multi-sensor orb for a discounted prize to those who are willing to contribute to their campaign ( not just by offering financial support, but by also spreading and sharing the word across their social networking profile.

The device is not just functional, but also beautiful and portable. It is only 65mm in diameter and therefore it can be carried anywhere you want. The orb comes with blue and light indicators that also tell the function of the orb. On pressing the record button, KaKa blinks a red LED light that indicates that it is recording and it can record messages up to 60 seconds. The blue LED light displays during playback. It has a long lasting performance with its battery performance that stands up to five days and it can be charged using a Micro USB cable. Hence, it can be used in various different ways by home users and even professionals at work.

About R-Bot
R-Bot assisting individual who specializes in smart and effective gadgets that are unique and offer better work efficiency. This organization focuses on innovations and practical solutions that are promoted through crowd-funding model. The organization also focuses on design, distribution and marketing of the innovations and gadgets.

KaKa - Multi Sensor Talking Orb
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