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Peeler Environmental Launches Crawl Space Assessment and Repair Services

Salisbury Based Pest Control Company Expands to Provide Crawl Space Services and Mold Remediation


Salisbury, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- According to the EPA's web page on mold resources, a full one-third to one-half of buildings in America are plagued with excessive dampness. This encourages the growth of bacteria and molds responsible for many cases of asthma as well as a number of allergic reactions. It also fosters the spread of contagions. The vast majority of this moisture and mold is the result of vented, dirt crawlspaces - crawlspaces that are the underlying cause of so many problems that experts in the housing industry call them a "housing epidemic." One problem commonly associated with under the house moisture is that of unwanted insects, which thrive in a damp environment, and use it to springboard into vast populations. For this reason, local pest control company Peeler Environmental recently launched a new service providing crawl space solutions such as assessments, repair, and mold remediation for area homes.

According to Bill Peeler, CEO, "Too much moisture in the crawl space beneath a home is a big problem for a lot of folks. Moisture under a house creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold and rot." It is common for the crawl spaces of homes without rain gutters, or that are built on low land, to have excessive moisture beneath them. "Moisture attracts unwanted pests and can cause damage to underlying sub-structures," he added. "By taking care of moisture problems when they are first observed, a homeowner can literally save himself thousands of dollars and often, serious health problems." A 2007 Mudarri and Fisk study reported that household damp and mold contributes to up to 21% of existing asthma cases in the US, sporting an annual price tag of $3.5 billion.

A wet crawl space also predisposes wooden sub-structures to rot, damage that often goes undetected until it's quite serious. People tend to ignore their crawl spaces until there's a reason not to. "Just about the worst thing that could possibly occur is the loss of structural integrity," noted Peeler. Peeler Environmental's solution to crawl space moisture is often to utilize a poly-vapor barrier that isolates the moisture in the soil from the structures of the home. Other helpful tools when dealing with a water-logged crawl space are sump pumps, foundation drains, encapsulating with a poly-moisture barriers, and dehumidifiers. Every Peeler Environmental job starts with an objective and thorough examination. All Peeler staff members have both completed a strenuous training program, and additionally have successfully passed an official background check.

About Peeler Environmental
Peeler Environmental has been helping residents in the greater Salisbury area eliminate problems with unwanted pests for over 45 years. The family-owned company was begun in 1968 by Bill Peeler as Bill's Exterminating Company. Peeler Environmental originally provided control of termites and insect pests such as roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, rodents, etc. Today the company has expanded their services to include lawn insect management, mosquito control, blown-in TAP attic insulation and now, crawl space assessments, restoration and encapsulation, crawlspace mold remediation and crawlspace insulation installation. Peeler Environmental enjoys an outstanding reputation within the communities they service for honesty, integrity, exceptional service and quality workmanship.