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Christian Leaders Institute Launches Revamped Curriculum in Light of Evolving World

Religious studies equips students with a range of skills vital to our changing world and workforce, publishes


Grand Haven, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- With the world becoming ever more culturally and professionally diverse, the global demand for certain job skills is on an upward trend. While backgrounds in Mathematics, Technology and Business Management remain high on employers' lists of priorities, the extensive range of knowledge and experience gained through Religious Studies is rapidly gaining ground. This reformation of the worldwide workforce has driven an unprecedented number of people to seek out an education that will equip them with those invaluable skills; unfortunately, the cost of such studies leaves many floundering in its wake.

In light of this development, Henry Reyenga of Christian Leaders Institute has launched the nationally accredited school's newly restructured online study program. Said Reyenga, "The current cost of earning a Bachelor's degree in this field is almost $30,000, which greatly limits the options for many up-and-coming college students with their sights set on religious studies. Our revamped program offers them a much-needed alternate route. Through our curriculum, those interested can now acquire a Bachelors of Divinity for as little as $1,500."

Christian Leaders Institute acknowledges credits gained by taking core classes via community college or received through College Level Examination Program testing; however, they are currently developing their own core curriculum and hope to make these offerings fully available to their student body by 2016. Once this leg of their agenda is complete, students will be able to earn an Associate's of Divinity for an estimated $750, which also covers all administrative fees and includes a valid student ID card. They can then proceed to their Bachelor's studies for an additional $750.

Through online study, students are able to work toward their degrees at their own individual paces. This also gives students an opportunity to adjust their class scheduling around work, family and other aspects of their lives. Although completing an education online requires a certain amount of determination and self motivation, the Institute provides extensive resources and support.

Concluded Reyenga, "The religious studies courses we offer provide strength in the fields of history, theology and sociology as well as heightened observational and interpretive capabilities; furthermore, this curriculum helps develop an aptitude for understanding and tolerance of other cultures. All these skills are becoming increasingly important in the business world as well as life in general. We encourage anyone interested in this field of study to visit our website and sign up for our Getting Started class."

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Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is a ministry of Christian Leaders, which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Christian Leaders Institute trains thousands of Christian Leaders in 120 different countries. A number of prospective students are signing up to enroll in the Christian Leaders Getting Started Class to find out if advanced ministry training is right for them.