Effective Forgiveness

Tai Ikomi Teaches the World Forgiveness After Losing Her Family to a Drunk Driver


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- "While we may not understand why bad things happen we can still rest assured that God is good, and we can trust Him at all times." Tai Ikomi

Tai Ikomi has personally faced the challenge of forgiveness, struggling to forgive the drunken man, who killed her husband and three children in a car accident. In her book, Effective Forgiveness, the author describes the path to real healing and forgiveness she found that gave her hope, answers and a way out.

Many people have been hurt and have to live with all the awful consequences of the physical or emotional injury that others have done to them. Most of these people feel that they cannot get over the hurt, pain and betrayal. However, there is a solution to their problems described by an individual who personally experienced the tragedy of a loss, someone who has been there. In her book, Effective Forgiveness, Tai Ikomi reveals how forgiveness can help people breathe again and arise from depression and desperation.

Not many people in such situations realize that forgiveness can release them from the prison of discomfort they live in. Tai Ikomi found this truth the hard way and shares it in her Effective Forgiveness course so that others can benefit from it. The course teaches about forgiveness and its simple techniques on how to forgive and in some cases avoid being hurt again. Tai is strong enough to turn her personal tragedy into a blessing for others, who face similar problems. In this book, they will find the reasons to forgive and how God can help them receive His grace.

Tai shares some of the secrets that helped her overcome her personal tragedy in her premier and best-selling book, His Beauty for My Ashes. One of which is the power of forgiveness. The book has given hope and inspiration to those who are going through crisis or grief.

In Effective Forgiveness readers will find the answers to their questions about justice, forgiveness, its benefits and its difficulties, revenge and more that have bothered their minds for many years.

Tai Ikomi conducts seminars on Forgiveness.

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About Effective Forgiveness
Effective Forgiveness looks at the various facets and questions about forgiveness and offers practical tips on this evasive subject. The book was written by Tai Ikomi, who shares from her own practical experiences on how to forgive and be happier for it. Also available at amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Kindle.

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