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Gym Junkies LLC Launches Campaign to Encourage People to Follow Their Fitness Goals

Known for high intensity workouts and strict diet plans, these fitness experts are encouraging people to learn how anyone can get fit.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Recent industry studies have shown that two percent of the population in the United States is currently underweight. Another group of Americans are on the thinner side of their normal weight, but are unable to gain more weight or build muscle. These people often suffer the same societal discrimination as those who are overweight. Their frustration can lead them to eat fatty, unhealthy diets in a futile attempt to put on weight. The founders of Gym Junkies understand this. That is why their new informational campaign is focused on finding those people and letting them know muscle building is possible for anyone and it can be done in a healthy manner.

Spokesperson Terry Asher describes what people have shared with him about their battle to bulk-up. "It is a challenge and one that many people do not appreciate or respect. So many people are focused on losing weight, they become jealous when they see someone complaining that they cannot eat enough." He continued, "With Gym Junkies we realized we needed to take this issue seriously to help people learn how to build muscle in a healthy way without resorting to dangerous and illegal steroids. We also wanted them to have access to high-calorie products and meal plans that were not all grease, sugar and salt. "

The company uses cutting edge nutritional information and innovative workout techniques to make it possible for people to build muscle even if they have found weight gain and muscle growth to be impossible in the past. Asher explains, "We like to see people start with the skinny guy workout or another beginners workout and move through the information we offer slowly, so they really understand not just what to do, but why they need to do it."

Knowledge about strength training and body building is important to Gym Junkies and everyone who is a part of the company. "We want our customers to understand nutrition, respect the power of the best supplements and know how to build muscle in a way that is possible for them to continue and maintain over their lifetime."

The representatives of Gym Junkies also want people to realize their programs are not just for those who need to gain weight. They can be equally beneficial to those who need to lose weight and those who are already in great shape, but know they can do more.

About Gym Junkies, LLC
Gym Junkies was started as a way to help others realize their dreams of being healthy, fit and having a body they can be proud to show off. The programs are run by people who, like trainer Terry Asher, have proven with their own success stories that anything is possible. They offer meal plans, workout programs and a lot of information in their blogs, books and on their website about eating right and understanding how the human body works.