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Geoff Blades Makes Major Portion of the Guide Available for Free at Wall Street Teach

Packed full of powerful, proven ideas and techniques, The Guide conveys the essence of Blades' sought after coaching services, Wall Street Teach reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- Geoff Blades, a top executive coach and life coach, has released for free at his website, Wall Street Teach, the first two chapters of his highly regarded book The Guide: Getting What You Want on Wall Street. Visitors to the website can fill out a simple form to gain access to the free chapters, and can also learn while there about what the book, Wall Street Teach, and Blades have to offer. With a long list of recommendations and appreciative clients, WallStreetTeach and Geoff Blades do Wall Street Career Counseling in New York.

"The enthusiastic response to The Guide since it was first published has been incredibly gratifying," Wall Street Teach founder Geoff Blades said, "That straightforward, 200-page book has already helped many people learn how to get what they want, but its work is far from done. By giving away a big taste of the book for free at Wall Street Teach, I'm sure that many more people are going to discover just how powerful and effective the advice in The Guide is."

Starting off as an Associate with the Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs Geoff Blades excelled in a variety of roles, reaching the rank of Vice President before deciding to take some time off to assess his life and plans for the future. That 18-month sabbatical saw him researching the field of personal development, looking for answers to how he and his high-performing peers could better attain the goals that they set before themselves, a problem that had rarely before been studied from that angle.

Armed with a raft of conclusions that he now wanted to test through practice, Blades returned to the world of finance, signing on with the Carlyle Group as a specialist at distressed debt. Blades honed and refined his findings while working at Carlyle, eventually resigning after he became satisfied that they were ready to share with others.

With the benefit of his 15-year Wall Street career and unique and powerful insights into the field of personal development, Blades founded Wall Street Teach, offering up his coaching services to highly capable, ambitious executives looking to become better equipped to achieve their goals and make the most of their careers and lives.

Today, the one and only Wall Street Teach - Executive Life Coach in New York is Geoff Blades. His clients appreciate how profitably Blades' Wall Street background informs his coaching work, with Blades possessing a unique combination of traits that allows him to provide valuable insight into matters ranging from personal development to particular business decisions.

In addition to working closely with many of the business world's top performers in this way, Blades also made a wide, positive impact with the release of The Guide: Getting What You Want on Wall Street. By making the first two chapters of The Guide free on his website, Wall Street Teach, Blades hopes to give even more people the benefit of the important, highly effective techniques and strategies he has developed.

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Helping the leaders of the business world achieve their goals and make the best decisions for themselves and their companies, Wall Street Teach combines Geoff Blades' 15 years of highly successful Wall Street experience with his intensive study and penetrating analysis of the principles of personal development.