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Promates HD Music Store Releases New DXD Recording of Arcangelo Corelli's La Follia

Promates HD Music Store has released a new, peerless quality recording of La Follia For Recorder and Harpsichord by Corelli, recorded by Michala Petri And Maha Esfahani.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- With the return of Vinyl to the mainstream music world, music has been able to rebrand itself for aficionados much as Starbucks were able to reinvent the coffee- a higher quality product is worth a higher premium, and brings a greater enjoyment than its budget counterpart. As such, Promates HD Music Store aims to cater for those aficionados by offering music recorded in DXD format - the highest possible quality for sound. They have just released a new piece, Arcangelo Corelli's La Follia for Recorder and Harpsichord, featuring the best recordings from the best musicians in the best format in the world.

Michala Petri is currently working on a series of contemporary recorder concertos from around the globe following his appointment as Honorary Professor of Music at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. There he has enlisted one of the greatest harpsichord players of all time, Mahan Esfahani, to help record the piece. Esfahani was last year named the Artist Of The Year by gramophone magazine.

The piece itself has been recorded in stunning, studio quality DXD format and is available for purchase in that format exclusively from Promates HD Music Store. With a sample rate of 352.8 kHz, and a resolution of 24 bits, DXD is the highest ever definition of an audio format.

A spokesperson for Promates HD Music Store explained, "Petris and Esfahani have outdone themselves with this recording, which is one of Corelli's most recognizable. They spent days recording the pieces in an authentic environment with DXD compatible recording equipment to get the clarity and atmosphere that adds a fourth dimension to the music, elevating it beyond anything that could be reproduced in poorer quality. The recording is available for download now exclusively from our website."

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Promates HD Music Store is offering downloadable music files in the same format in which they were originally recorded, and these unique recordings can only be purchased in DXD from Promates. All albums on the site are also available at a lower sample rate for listening on portable devices where the highest possible definition is not necessary.

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