Reports on Fluctuations in Insurance Premiums, Predicting a Rise in 2015 has published a report on the latest information from within the insurance industry to ensure the general public is aware of, and can effectively combat, changes to industry premiums.


Bristol, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- is today reporting that after insurance premiums fell by 4% (source: ABI) on average in 2014, but the New Year has brought some bad tidings with it, as new predictions see a 10% rise on the cards for 2015, costing people more than twice what they might have saved last year. These figures have been published by the AA, who despite claiming the industry is competitive has had to admit that the trend for premiums is inclining upwards.

This is bad news for all forms of insurance, claim, who also offers health, life, travel and home insurance amongst others. With the premiums now rising in one area, all stand to see a significant increase.

In an article entitled, "The Honeymoon's Over", Cheap Car Insurance reports on how the industry fixes its premiums and how individuals can use this knowledge to play the system and still make savings. themselves use a panel of competitive insurers who's primary focus is offering affordable but equally comprehensive coverage, driving prices down against this upward trend.

A spokesperson for explained,

"We are disappointed to see that the industry is once again making a grab for cash, but the silver lining is that we stand to see a lot more discernment from customers who will now be more actively seeking to change their policy provider- a process we can help them with and ensure they save money in the process. We offer free, no obligation quotes from the most competitive insurers and can save people an impressive amount on average, as our website illustrates. Unfortunately many motorists continue to pay over the odds, our comparison engine makes it quick and simple for people to save. Owing to this price hike, 2015 may yet be one of our busiest years."

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