AeroLeads Launches New Tool, Gives Small Businesses a Shot in the Arm


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2015 -- AeroLeads has unveiled its new tool that has made it possible for small business owners to get prospects and leads from the web to give themselves the cutting edge advantage.

One understands that in the competitive market, things are difficult for small companies and individual entrepreneurs who don't have the resources that the big guns do. Hence it becomes difficult to generate leads as there is a cost to pay. But what if one were told that now it is possible to generate prospects and leads through a tool that is completely free and also convenient for use?

That's just what the tool launched by AeroLeads can do for small business owners. Thus it evens the playing field so to speak and small businesses can ensure that they make big gains in the long run. How this tool works is that it allows business owners and entrepreneurs to pull relevant leads from all over the web. In fact, the tool can help find leads from different options like websites, news stories, blogs, social media platforms and directories as well.

Thus business leaders get a comprehensive list of leads, which can then be used to their advantage. The lead prospects that are offered to users by this AeroLeads tool include email address, business details, phone number and even physical address of the company or individual. As a result users have everything they want at hand in order to get in touch with the prospects.

Another advantage of the AeroLeads tool is that it's extremely easy to use and anyone can get started with it sooner rather than later. To begin with, users will have to enter phrases that they are going to base their search on. Once they have done that they can choose the search option from drop down menu and get results from different resources. As they click on the "get data" link for every result, they can draw the contact information of all the prospects and be able to reach out to them and get attention to their business and products.

About AeroLeads
AeroLeads has made it possible for small organizations to boost their business by generating leads and prospects with its free and easy to use tool.

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Pushkar Gaikwad, Founder
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